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Valenti’s Goes to Court

If you’re wondering why we’re still following the Valenti’s saga (begun here, with an innocuous takedown of a Janice Okun “review”, updated here, here, herehere, here, and here), it’s because the commentariat has weighed in well over 2,500 times. It’s generally the same 10 – 15 commenters adding details, accusations, and trading barbs, but I’ve received lots of positive feedback from people who remain riveted by how a mediocre red sauce joint could generate so much interest and hatred.

Terry Valenti and Lori Brocuglio took possession of the restaurant property in late September pursuant to a lease that commenced on October 1st. Their landlord, Frank Budwey, agreed to give them two free months’ rent, and also to pay deposits to National Fuel and National Grid to enable Valenti’s to turn those utilities on – they didn’t have the capital to do it.

The restaurant, however, wasn’t in Terry Valenti’s name. Instead, the property was co-owned by Brocuglio and an acquaintance of theirs named Melissa Janiszewski, who has since become estranged from them. There have been allegations made that Janiszewski’s credit and identity were deceitfully misappropriated. In North Tonawanda City Court yesterday, Ms. Janiszewski sat with Mr. Budwey.

Terry Valenti sat in the front row, with three people who were set to testify on the restaurant’s behalf. He was wearing a black button-down shirt, his head was uncovered, and he had shaven off his facial hair, leaving him almost unrecognizable. Ms. Brocuglio arrived soon thereafter, wearing a black specked suit and a red suede fringe jacket. When she sat down, she briefly spoke with their attorney, Mark Carney, and held up some sort of CD-ROM to one of their supporters and seemed proud of it for some reason.

Frank Budwey approached Carney and asked him if he had been paid. Carney replied that it was, “none of [his] business”, and Mr. Budwey retorted that he didn’t want Mr. Carney to waste his time. Under normal circumstances, a lawyer is not permitted to talk with a party opponent in any way, and had I been in Mr. Carney’s shoes I would have simply replied that I was not permitted to speak with Mr. Budwey, remained silent, or advised Budwey’s counsel of the approach.

Judge William Lewis presided over the rather informal eviction trial. Budwey’s attorney, James Rizzo, elicited testimony from Mr. Budwey about the non-payment of rent, now alleged to be $5,200. At one time, Brocuglio wrote Budwey a bad check for $3,000, a crime that is being contemporaneously prosecuted in North Tonawanda Court, and paid Budwey what he says was $500 cash in early January. However, the receipt for that cash shows $1,500 was received – Budwey claims that Brocuglio added the “1”. Judge for yourself:

$500 or $1,500?

Budwey testified that Valenti’s paid utilities for October and November, but not since. He testified that they have never been current on owed rent. On January 13th, Budwey terminated the lease by serving a 3-day notice to quit, and he filed the eviction action a week later.

However, Budwey claims that he crafts his leases to enable him to take self-help measures to secure the property and payment of rent if the tenant is 10 days in arrears. Under that provision, Budwey gives himself the right to enter and secure payment without the lease needing first to be terminated, and without any notice.

That’s exactly what Budwey did on January 11th – 11 days after the January rent was unpaid – he shut off the gas, blocked the doors, politely asked patrons to leave and offered to pay them cash, and wanted to prevent Valenti and Brocuglio the ability to destroy or loot the premises. The police were called, and Budwey relented. On cross-examination by Mr. Carney, Mr. Budwey acknowledged that he had recently changed the locks and the alarm codes. Mr. Carney’s questioning and demeanor were often argumentative (not that he was being rude, but that he was improperly making an argument during questioning), and at one point Carney and Rizzo got into a shouting match that was ended when Judge Lewis did a bit of yelling himself.

Carney made the point to the judge that he intended to remove the case to Supreme Court to pursue a claim against Budwey for self-help, seeking treble damages. Since that hadn’t been accomplished or applied for, Judge Lewis continued with the eviction proceeding.

The eviction is a simple action for Budwey to re-take possession of the unit, terminating the lease. There aren’t many defenses available to a commercial tenant in this situation – either the rent is paid, or it’s not. Valenti and Brocuglio’s claims about Budwey’s alleged illegal self-help are not defenses to the eviction, but a separate action for money damages. It is entirely possible that Budwey wins possession, but that he loses a subsequent trial for money damages in another venue. In speaking with Mr. Budwey, he indicates that he’d gladly pay to be forever rid of Valenti and Brocuglio, and he isn’t concerned about their threats of ongoing litigation.

At one point, I observed Mr. Budwey getting rather animated, requiring his attorney to shush him. I observed Mr. Budwey look directly at the seated Mr. Valenti, and ask him to “come on, speak up!” By contrast, Ms. Brocuglio was standing next to Mr. Carney the entire time, at one point looking back at Ms. Janiszewski and shaking her head at her. When Carney asked Budwey if the Valentis had abandoned the premises, Terry Valenti audibly said, “no”, and Ms. Brocuglio turned around and shushed him.

As Mr. Carney’s cross-examination was briefly halted, the judge sustained Mr. Rizzo’s objection over the line of questioning having to do with the lock-out. Rizzo argued that self-help is irrelevant for purposes of the eviction action, and based on the lease language, the judge agreed. However, the judge had to adjourn the proceeding because of a personal matter, and it will again be taken up at 11am on Tuesday.

As I waited to see if anyone would talk to me (unlikely as they’re all represented by counsel), Ms. Brocuglio approached me. She said, “hi, Alan”, adding, “I’m glad that now you’ve heard more of the story.” She told me that much of what people have left in comments here at Artvoice Daily are lies, and that this is all “from a divorce”. She refused to be interviewed on camera, and was whisked away to talk with her lawyer and supporters.

Before the proceeding, Budwey provided me with this document, which he says shows that even if Valenti’s was allowed to re-open, he’d still owe various creditors thousands.

Budwey told me that, when he went away to Jamaica, he offered to give Terry Valenti a second chance – a blank slate – all he had to do was keep Lori Brocuglio off the premises. Terry told Budwey that he would, but when Budwey left, Brocuglio was present at the restaurant every day. Before going COD with Tarantino and SYSCO, Valenti’s stocked up on over $10,000 of food, and supplemented that with Curtze, the last purveyor who would work with them. When the electric was shut off last week, all that food is now rotting, and the foam flame retardant system was deliberately activated by someone. Mr. Budwey clearly likes Terry Valenti and was willing to work with him, but he reserves a special hatred and disgust for Ms. Brocuglio; whenever he mentioned her name he used exquisitely colorful expletives.

If you pass by Valenti’s Restaurant now – a place that Janice Okun awarded 2 1/2 stars just 5 short week ago – a place supposedly run by an Iron Chef winner and CIA graduate, it now looks like this:

And had they not lied to Brian Kahle, Channel 7, and Janice Okun, no one would be paying them any attention.


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  • Sean(aka Noah)

    Hey Karma
    Do you think the Niagara County Corrections Dept. would let the victims send Terri a case of parsnips.

  • See Lori,
    Terri’s little Hells Angels threats didn’t scare me a bit, I already knew the con he had been pulling for years. Threatening to send Red and White to my house, I knew it was a crock. THEN, when he calls a Warlock and sends him to our house, well, wasn’t the way Terry told it. He told me they were coming to kill me. But in FACT, he told the Warlock to pick up a “club” poster, meaning HA Property. The Warlock felt like a fool when in fact, all it was was a Hells Angels Forever movie poster, LOL. That’s where the loser gets most of his HA stories, from books (which I NOW HAVE), and movies. He claims to be Sonny Barger’s son (founder of HA), and the lifetime member they talk about on this page:

    Terry became a HELLS ANGEL on July 20, 1972.
    Terry was only 5 years old in ’72, OBVIOUSLY he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Terry put that Warlock’s life in jeapordy, as I had a 9mm in my back pocket to PROTECT my family, something he doesn’t know anything about, protecting those close to him. So NOW, not only does your dumb wannabe thug boyfriend have to watch his back from the HA’s, he also has the WARLOCKS to deal with.

    I’ll be in court in Texas when his trial comes up, but longggg before I get there, word about WHO he really is will already be in the Texas penal system, compliments of me. I don’t mean to staff, I mean to those on the OTHER side of the bars, the ones who will find Terry’s claims interesting.

    You’re next Lori, just watch what happens next. You 2 losers messed with the wrong person, Deb’s more forgiving then I am, I’m a persistent SOB. Don’t take that as a threat, because it will be delivered ONCE AGAIN, from the law, not me.

  • Noah, please write his name correctly, Terry. LOL

  • @Alan:

    The “Hangman” comments I was referring to were dated on January 27, 2012 at about 11:30am to 12:17 pm.

    These comments did not come from my computer. Where did these come from?

    Thanks. BTW – Great Job Alan!!!

  • Sean(aka Noah)

    @ I wanna C. Moore

    Sorry. Old habits are hard to break.
    I’ll check back later on developments. Don and I are going to celebrate his downfall. Woooo Hoooo!!!




  • Lori

    First off, little do you know I win thanks to all of you. This is just the beginning of Supreme Court. As far as cps, I personally called them. Keep following… The best is yet to come. As far as all the E-Mails and messages, where Deb begged Terry, they will be posted. The rage towards me is because Terry was taken away from her, and I did you a favor dumb bitch why are you attacking me? You still dont have your facts straight about court. As far as Terry’s concerned I turn my back on noone! What he did, or what Debbie claimed he did is between the two of them. Whenever you want to call me, you know my number. And everybody thinks Debbie does know wrong, well lets talk about the bike that she chopped up and buried in her yard. There is alot of dirt on Debbie that has not yet been persued because I feel that fight was between the 2 of them, but if you want to continue this fight, it will become mine. For all of you making comments in my name or Mikey’s please stop… The only Mike on here is Mike Gurnett. Also the only comment I have made is this one, no more postings will come from me. We’ll see more after Superme Court. As far as the resturant, I am glad to be out of there and from Frank’s harresment and stalking staff.

  • You’re a loser Whori, face it. That piece of shit wannabe man of your filled your head full of shit. I get my info from a rational, honest person. Yours comes from a con artist sitting in a jail cell waiting to be extradited.

    And as for a bike in the back yard? LOL, you’re so out of your mind, who’s the big bad ass biker.

    ps. Has he head butted you yet, he likes doing that to women, he’s nothing but a spineless punk. You two losers are made for each other. You will lose in supreme court just like you did today (it will never even make it to supreme court).

    So much for the “dream life” you’re living that Terry wanted, LOL! He’s gone because I told him to leave her the F alone, that’s why the piece of shit is gone.

  • *dream life Deb wanted

  • You called CPS on yourself? Show’s how crazy you are, to report yourself, LOL!!

    Besides, I know that to be a lie, I KNOW who called them.

  • Wow Lori, who did you hire to write that, or did you work on your writing and grammar skills? Very well written, Remember, you two were the ones who made your own demise. Had you not lied to the public you would have never been outed as liars and scammers. So before you start pointing fingers, it was you two that caused all this to yourselves. You two have hurt way too many people in your past, as evident with all the postings from the people from your past. It was about Terry, until you starting running your mouth and adding fuel to the fire. I love the way you think you are invincible and can go on doing the damage you do. I see why you stand by your man, you two are exactly alike. It took someone to stand up to you two and prove you wrong, you aren’t invincible or untouchable. So, look were it got you, no where. You could of had a nice little business, but no, you two ruined it on your own.

  • Samuel A Jackson

    @ Alan and Artvoice

    Great work covering this story and helping to bring that career criminal to justice.

  • Debbie

    I the only BEGGING I’ll do Ms. Brocuglio, is to differ with YOU, THAT YOU ARE IN FACT THE DUMB BITCH! As for “attacking” YOU.. lmfao…YOU are in such great fear, of what “I” had with Mr. Valenti, that it’s driving YOU NUTS! Why else would YOU continually bring ME UP and post emails and such from 2009? Is that all you got? Because I’ve got more…Ready to play? Lets play!

  • James

    Jesus Lori, you psychopath. It’s all out there. All your lies have been proven in court. Your partner/husband/materchef is in fucking jail. You are pathetic. You lost. Know why? That’s what losers do.

  • So THAT’S what that cut up piece of bike left in the trailer is? Thanks for letting me know that, I’ll contact the cops about it! If you are DUMB enough to believe that a 5′ woman, NEVER been in trouble with the law, and has NEVER had anything to do with motorcycles is the person who cut up a bike, you’re crazier then I thought!!

    It all comes together now! A repo company was here to take a Bike that Terry had skipped out with, and we told them the piece of shit no longer lives here. A few weeks back, a woman contacted me through this blog stating that Terry had screwed her out of a motorcycle, and disappeared with it. With all the motorcycle parts left here (your thug wannabe sure isn’t a bike mechanic), I never put 2 + 2 together until you just brought up this motorcycle that “Deb” chopped up. Now I’ll bring the police here, let them search the back yard, I’ll GIVE them the one piece of cut up bike, and contact the woman letting her know this might be her bike.

    Wait til Terry learns you just dropped a dime on him! LMAO, CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!

  • We all helped her win? LOL! I guess Alan was in the wrong courtroom tweeting the wrong case!

  • James

    This is what narcissistic psychopaths do. This is textbook behaviour on her part. Moreover this is what self-entitled morons with an persecution complex do. You’ve wasted so many people’s time and now you’ve wasted innocent taxpayers money. The funny part is you get the sense that ‘going to the supreme court’ is a prestigious thing for her. She’s going all the way to fancy court. What an unfortunate waste of life.

  • Linnealu

    Lori, you sure do like to solicit your phone number and the fact that you’re more than happy to talk. I guess that’s why “there’s a lot of fuckin’ 954 numbers coming through”. That just goes to show how far and wide your disease has spread. I bet you’ve got a lot of phone calls from unfamiliar area codes. As for Debbie, I couldn’t be happier. Guess what Terry? I’m not a psychic but as for the charges against you, it’s likely a forensic handwriting expert will examine any documents in their evidence. I need not say any more.

    – comment from a real woman

  • Linnealu

    @RoN: Brilliant!!! Please Lori tell us some more. Good times are being had by all.

  • Soooooo,
    The cop’s have been notified, they’ll be here tomorrow for questioning, and to start an investigation, I would imagine.

    Won’t look good for Terry, sitting in jail for Forging a document to trade a motorcycle he had no right to trade, then his Babygirl mentions a “chopped” up motorcycle, the woman who’s bike is MISSING, I’m sure the cops will put it all together.

    Wonder who they’ll believe, a woman who has a clean record who knows NOTHING about motorcycles, or some piece of shit in jail for stealing one? That’s a no brainer! LOL!!!!!!!!

  • Sportsroadtrip

    Is the matter of the criminal complaint against Lori B for passing the $3000 bad check still pending, or was that all resolved in today’s proceeding? Didn’t she post $3,000 bail? If so, can that bail be attached by Budwey to help make him whole?

  • I’ve check a site every day, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day, to see if he’s been picked up, Today’s a great day!!

    Offender Name: TERRY A VALENTI
    Offender ID:
    Date of Birth:

    Custody Status:
    In Custody
    Location of Offender:
    Niagara County Jail

    Scheduled Release Date:

    Alternate ID’s
    Jail Number#:
    Other Jail Number 1#:
    Statewide Id#:

  • The Follower

    It is far from over! There are still a couple people here working on things behind the scenes! Today was the best day ever for me in so many ways! This was icing on my cake. I was so extremely happy to have received that phone call today! Justice is still coming! They have a very long road ahead of them….

  • Joan

    This saga would make a good comedy/drama . I have Seth Rogan starring at Terry, Demi Moore as Lori, and Lou Grant as Budwey. I am not sure who should play Allan though.

  • I would say Courtney Love for Lori, John Goodman for Terry and Jason Segel for Allan.

  • Demi as Lori? Not a chance! I vote Ruth Buzzy, or Phylis Diller

  • Debbie

    I nominate this woman to play Ms. Brocuglio! She could damn near be her twin!

  • Almost Deb, but her teeth are in better condition then Lori’s!!

  • Debbie

    Oh my bad! She isn’t missing any or rotten, like Ms. Brocuglio! Ok so, she’ll need to spend some time in the make-up artist chair, to look MORE like Ms. Brocuglio!

  • If anyone who works for the Sherrif’s department who is reading this and is a Marine, ask Terry about his USMC tat, where he was stationed, commanding officer, etc…. Let’s see what he comes up with. Ask him how he blew his thumb off, type of gun…..

    Let’s see him get out of that one.

  • Educator

    I can see the conversation now
    “Whatcha in for boy.”

    “Lying about Parsnips”

    “Whoa! Your one tough MuthaFukka. I ain’t gonna mess with you.”

    Comment by Noah — January 31, 2012 @ 12:55 pm

    Noah… i almost fell off my chair!

  • Educator

    @ You know me

    I would like to talk with you outside of this forum… trade some stories about the past… I think we have some similiar tales to tell.

  • FL girl

    You better come my way this weekend… its sure to be a good time, with some great stories. Ill get the parsnips… what are you going to bring?

  • FL girl

    I’ll check back later on developments. Don and I are going to celebrate his downfall. Woooo Hoooo!!!

    Comment by Sean(aka Noah) — January 31, 2012 @ 5:34 pm

    @Sean (aka Noah)
    You better come my way this weekend… its sure to be a good time, with some great stories. Ill get the parsnips… what are you going to bring?

  • Lissin Biatch

    Look at her check to Budwey again. Not only can she not spell three, she spelled his name, Frank Budway. Hey Lori, learn to spell the name of the man you rent from. Errr, I mean fuck over due to non-payment and slander!

  • Linnealu

    Noah’s quips on these blogs have made me laugh so hard I nearly stopped breathing….

    Though I’d like to think it’ll play out like this:
    “what you in for boy?”
    “lying about parsnips.”
    ::strokes Terry’s cheek, whispers:: “I got a real fetish for parsnips…”

  • You know me

    FINALLY TERRY VALENTI HAD GOT WHAT HE DESERVES-BEHIND BARS!!!! I couldn’t be more thrilled! This if for all the low-down dirty as things you did to me and all these other poor people. Terry, you are such a clueless loser! I can relate to the stories about Terry being spinless and that he hits women, especially on the head. I can also verify all the stories about Terry being a Marine and coning women for all they have. I can also back up stories that Terry is a stalker and once you tell him to get lost he does not get the hint, I had to literally move and change my phone number to escape his clutches. He even broke into my house and stole my info for my new phone number before I moved causing me to change it again! He is such a sponge. I hate to say this but his family supports his wayword ways as well. i can share stories about that sad crew as well! Educator- I would love to exchange stories. Great job guys exposing this freak for his true colors. My only regret is the was not picked up in Erie county. I have friends at the holding center that would love to give Terry the royal treatment during his stay in jail. Hey Terry, plan on being in jail for a while. The wheels of justice spin real slow. Oh, my son in law is a Marine and he would LOVE to kick you worthless ass if he ever catches up with you buddy. Your and imposter!

  • Sean

    This for all my friends that I know and that know me.And the friends that I’ve met
    online and hope to meet some day and I hope to know . The following is recap and some new stuff that I wanted to say. Please pardon the typos.
    @ FL girl I’am so happy that you found a MAN that treats you right.
    This is all the stuff I’ve said and then some.

    “I dream about farting on you”
    “May you get fucked by a blind bear”

    “Suck on my hemorrhoids and wait for better days”

    “Piss into a transformer.”
    “May you eat male pubic hair with salt-dip”
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    Go jerk off and use your Bullshit as lube!
    Let the rats ejaculate on you.
    “Suck butter from Bull Queer’s ass!”

    “He’s as thick as a bull’s walt”(=erect penis)
    ‘May your head turn orange and fall off at an inconvenient moment.’ Ancient curse. used

    May you have to sit in a gay bar with Richard Simmons for a thousand eternities!
    May the sweat of a thousand jock straps be your only water
    May you be a Siamese twin with a gay brother and you share a single asshole.
    May you mistake the Krazy Glue for lube while masturbating.
    May a male nurse give you a mustard enema.
    May your rectum shrivel to the size of a #2 pencil, and your turds be the size of an orange!
    May your socks constantly be drenched in cat’s urine
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    May all your hairs reverse direction, that they shall grow to your innards, and entangle, and permeate thine entrails in such a way that the split ends get caught in your digested food, and when ye excrete yon food from thine bowels, the hair shall remain caught therein and prevent the defecation’s removal – so much that the entangled mass shall appear as a tail produced of hair and excrement.

    May you become sexually irresistible to men at the same time as being stricken with muscular dystrophy and thus unable to reject their advances.
    May you be utterly repulsive, suffering a permanent erection and sandpaper hands.
    May you give birth to a cinder block – even though you’re a guy and it comes out your dick.
    May flesh eating disease localize itself around the groin and anus.
    May your manhood be 5 feet long and even the slightest of arousing thoughts would cause it hide in your ass.
    May your toilet paper turn to sandpaper of 80 grit, and you be forever plagued with swamp-ass.
    May the sweat of a thousand jock straps be your only water while you’re in jail!
    “You’re as Thick As Manure And Only Half As Useful.”
    Graze on a midget’s ass hair.
    May the hair on your head grow long and become entangled with the short hairs on your ass.
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    Your birth certificate is an apology from the condom factory
    Out of 100,000 sperm, you were the fastest?
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    I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and shit out a smarter statement than that.
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    You act as though your stupidity is a virtue.
    With a few points added to your IQ, you could be a parsnip.used
    Try to edit your responses of unnecessary material before attempting
    to impress us with your insight. The evidence that you are a
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    Please. Keep on talking, someday you’ll say something intelligent.

    I’m very careful of how I express my opinions of you because I want to put as much vituperation in them as possible.

    You look like a dwarf who’s been dipped in a bucket of pubic hair.

    I don’t hold your behavior against you because I realize it was caused by childhood trauma; your parents spanked you when you fell on your head and broke the cement.
    Your ridiculous little opinion has been duly noted.

    Support your local Search & Rescue Unit – get lost!
    A brain like a BB in a boxcar
    I’m sure you’ll have no trouble making ends meet. Your foot is always in your mouth!
    If they knock heads, the implosion will suck all the air out of the room.
    If what you don’t know can’t hurt you, she’s practically invulnerable.
    If you stand close enough to her, you can hear the ocean.
    In her optimum environment, she’d be locked in a life and death struggle with mushrooms.
    I have to go. I’d love to rip apart your shallow logic you call a point, but the American Disabilities Act forbids picking on the retarded.
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    You couldn’t write dialog for a porno flick
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    Try not to tax your brain. You can’t afford the penny now that restaurant is closed.
    Some babies were dropped on their heads but you were clearly thrown at a wall.
    Have you considered suing your brains for non-support?

  • Lissin Biatch

    You know me,
    I also served in the Marines and had no idea Terry was pulling that shit off until Karma exposed Terry for the turdlick he is. I was offended to learn he actually got Marine tattoos despite never serving. That’s a real slap in the face to our Marines who died or came home crippled. I served during Operation Desert Storm. Anyone how has served in the Marines( your son-in-law knows as much as anyone)will tell you that’s a title that is truly earned. That comes through incredibly hard work that takes a toll physically and more so emotionally. Many sacrifices are made that Terry wouldn’t even dream of making. I would think a proud Marine would have some pictures or memorabilia of some type in the restaurant he owned( yeah, we can put that bullshit to bed now too) especially if he were a decorated veteran. Karma, can you tell me where his Marine tat is on his nasty frame and what type of tat it is? I’d love to ask him what his MOS was just to see the stupid look on his face when he blanks out not knowing what I’m talking about.

  • Sean

    @ Linnealu
    My quips are not copy written feel free to use them. Enjoy! I’m a professional ball buster. If your ever in Florida, My Wife and I would like to meet you.

  • Linnealu

    Hey Terry

    How ’bout them transparent dangling parsnips?

    And I’m sure the voices in both their heads are saying “DUHHH……WINNING” Because crack will make you believe that

  • Linnealu

    @Sean I do infact live in FL and that would be great to meet!

  • Sean

    @ Linnealu

  • Sean

    That goes for any of the victims and only the victims. I don’t forget.

    That email address is for victims only. Anybody else you will have the wrath
    of God come down on you. If you don’t believe push me, please push me!

  • Sean

    @ Linnealu
    Sorry if I sound intense. But I won’t tolerate any BS from the piss ants that have been on this blog.

  • K

    Debbie will be exposed,I Have all emails,facebook messages,ETC….
    “Not Lori”, You will be shocked what I have on Deb & Ron “ex-con”.
    Old Friend Back from 09, I don’t think Lori Knew him then, and I know she is not brite enough nor does she have the Resources’ I do

    An old Friend KK
    I see you soon Terry.

  • K

    Have You Figured it out Deb? Hint = I don’t care if you have his name on your ass.

  • K

    He’s left your life, the bike was the only tie you had. you got off the loan with him like “you” wanted. Why not leave him alone?

    • Alan Bedenko

      The person posting as “K” and identifying herself as “KK” is not who she purports to be. The person with those initials saw these comments and contacted me to inform me of this, and I have received other information concerning this from others. The IP address of the person posting as “K” is from a similar T-Mobile IP address as “Lori” – the only difference being the last three digits. As such, “K” will be barred from posting due to her improper impersonation of a third party.


    That business aside should everyone else he has ever screwed just forget about it and move on? The people he currently owes money to should just wipe the slate clean? Why should this career loser and habitual con artist get off without consequence? Why does he deserve that special treatment?

  • K,
    Nice try Lori, you’re on your phone with ATT, shall I post your IP Address?
    You will NEVER outsmart anyone on this blog, ESPECIALLY not me.

  • Let us know how the meeting with your landlord for unpaid rent goes, you better start looking for a new home! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • And I can match that IP address to visits on my site as well, from her taking photos from the site to build her fake Facebook profile.

    Lori, you’re not as smart as you think

  • K must be one of Terry’s groupies. K, the only way you’ll see Terry is behind bars in Texas. Don’t be a hater and take it out on the people who stood up to that piece of shit. You need to read all these posts on how he used and fucked people over. If you think he hasn’t done it to you or don’t think you will do to you, I’d say move on and live your life and not give him the chance to do it to you. And what will you gain posting Debbie’s business for all to see? She is not a criminal, she broke no laws, what took place between her and Terry is their business, not yours to broadcast!! You see when you do bad things to others, it usually comes back on you. Karma is a bitch, as Terry found out. So, keep the past in the past. And the tat is on her shoulder not her ass. You couldn’t even get that right!


    K is confirmed as Lori. Again, the deceitfulness, the inability to accept the consequences and own up to anything. This woman is a self-absorbed liar to the core and is incapable of change. A born loser.

  • Ooops, sorry I didn’t see that until after I posted!!

  • That was close, thanks YOU KNOW WHO!

  • Becca (Bek)

    @Sean: you will be hearing from my BF on the email you posted for victims to comment or keep in touch. By chance I ran across these events from just after Whori was arrested for the bad check. I informed him (my BF) of the events. Since then we have both been following closely. My BF was a victim of Whori’s 2 yrs ago. He can tell you about it thought when he emails you. IDK if he will make any comments on here. I would have liked to see him say a few things…he can make me pee my pants at times. Thank you for knocking me off my bed with laughter. I have not laughed so hard in a while. DAAAAMMMNNN man.

    @Debbie: so glad you had someone to encourage you to expose these scum. Seriously, there was nothing self incriminating about the prior letter Whori posted on here that you wrote to Terry. It only solidified what a creep and user Terry has been. You were honestly hurt. So glad you have this vindication…and I hear more to come to them. Awesome!

    @Alan: thank you for recognizing the issues in the first place and seeing this all the way through (more to come I’m sure). Although my BF was the actual victim of Whori…it has haunted me about how my BF could be so swindled by her, but she is especially talented and obviously experienced in that area. So glad she is exposed and hoping she will get her comeuppance. It was exciting and felt too good to TM my BF at work about the hearing and Terry’s arrest…

    …feel like I know you all…will keep following

  • Old Friend Back from 09, I don’t think Lori Knew him then, and I know she is not brite enough nor does she have the Resources’ I do

    An old Friend KK
    I see you soon Terry.

    Comment by K

    Lori, you are SO illiterate, that you cannot even spell correctly when talking sh*t about yourself under another name.
    You’re not too BRIGHT, are you? DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • (justin)othergrape

    Being a small silent link in this chain of demise I give a STANDING O to those whos perseverence, determination & internet capabilities brought this real life drama to its collapse. My loss being mere when compared to others here still warrants a grin as they circled the toilet bowl! Like the burmuda this triangle has been broken…draw lines from Fla. to CT. & Texas by way NT. & beware wonderers..your shit will disappear if you even smell these two!! So thanx to all original was worth my loss to watch the unfolding.Only prob is what to do when its over..maybe i try paint by numbers(lol). And if there is ever a celebration count me in cuz im bringing Steven F”n Speilberg & Quentin Tarantino. They would have Allan in an RV with a handfull of you criscrossing the county with laptops bringing wrongdoers to the knees. deserve national attention for your efforts in this matter…Good luck guys/girls

  • Here’s the skank trolling again:

    Coming on here confessing her undying love for her man she’ll stick by through thick and thing. You’re disgusting Lori, I can’t imagine being with someone, and trolling for other partners behind their back.

    And what’s a rest owner? Illiterate bitch.

  • Diana

    I have to say, I have read all of this with interest.
    I met Terry through a friend in Crystal River. I thought at the time that he was a con artist, had a mean streak and was not to be trusted. I was kind of surprised that my friend was friends with this caliber of person. And then to my much greater surprise, I saw that my friend from the other side of Fl had hooked up with this same dude. Deb had more class than that and I was certain that he had spotted vulnerability and zoned right in on it.
    I am glad to see that the legal system and my good friend Karma have begun to even the scales a bit.
    I will keep the innocent ones who have been hurt by all of this in my prayers.

  • Diana

    PS ~~ Being from Tx,, I am sure that the boys he will hook up with there will not take kindly to him posing. 🙂

  • FrogMan


  • FrogMan


  • Dave

    Well we got our bike!!!!!! Special thanks go out to the hard work of Ashley Towing and Recovery for their diligence and professionalism. Bravo guys, Your the best.

  • Kinthehouse

    Can’t say much right now but you are so right, it will come back to bite you all deserve national attention for your efforts in this matter”
    and “can’t wait” for that day as well, if you only knew what? was really coming
    if you know that girl you would know she don’t let anyone lie or slander on her loved one’s and will not let you get away with this pack of bullshit,
    I see why he loves her like he does, hahahhahahahahhahahahahaahahaha And he Does! she has the ring he bought for her, not one from her dead husband like someone on here on fb tryed saying it was the ring terri bought but was in fact the dead husbands ring deb had on now thats twisted . “NO ONE GETS BETWEEN THEM”
    I am around them and know the facts bye for now

  • Debbie

    God Ms. Brocuglio aka Kinthehouse… You are just all ate up with me, aren’t you?


  • Kinthehouse

    Shes been with terry for ‘over 3 years’, So Becca your full of shit, and lmao see whats coming up for charges, Wonder who? you know who! Check it out, call ask if it’s a crime a big one at that, they don’t play games with that so who’s time running short,

  • Kinthehouse

    Texas Municipal Judge sentenced for forged signatures on loan documents
    July 3, 2010 by TheWryEye
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    June 30, 2010 6:13 PM
    Jeremy Roebuck
    The Monitor

    EDINBURG — Elsa Municipal Judge Hilda Caceres was sentenced Wednesday to five years of probation for faking required signatures on a $227,000 loan application.

  • Debbie

    Shes been with terry for ‘over 3 years’,

    Comment by Kinthehouse — February 9, 2012 @ 6:42 pm

    This statement, could be an advantage!

  • Debbie

    Midland County Jail
    Search results for: valenti
    Address: 9003 GOWANDA STATE RD, EDEN, NY 14257
    Attorney: D WHITE
    Offense Class Court County Warrant Number Arrest Date Bond Fines Disposition Years Months Days Hours
    FORGERY FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT FS JP1 MIDLAND F2120003 02/11/12 $10,000.00 Bond $.00 Fines PENDING DISPOSITION 0 0 0 0

    Comment by Noah — February 12, 2012 @ 5:27 pm

    In case ya missed it Kinthehouse!

  • Vanessa Lutz

    Well, after reading everything I could find on Mr. Valenti et al., I must say he really needs to watch what he says and about whom he says it. In addition, insinuating he is affiliated with or a member of ANY organization in which he has NO affiliation or membership shows just how incredibly deluded he is. His “wife” or “girlfriend” or “business partner” or whatever tf she is….what a piece of work, no class.

    I’m glad Mr. Budwey was able to get them out of his property.