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Wheels in the Grass

'66 Comet and '63 Dart, Niagara Falls, USA

Today’s photo is a twin-spin. That’s what happens when the cars are behind a fence and you can’t get the right angle to separate them. The car closest is a 1967 Mercury Comet Caliente, but today we’re focusing on the car in back, a 1963 Dodge Dart 270 four-door sedan. This is from the “far-out” styling period for the Chrysler Corporation. The compact Dart and Plymouth Valiant were still of that school which proved so disastrous for the downsized big Plymouths and Dodges of 1962. Looking at these Darts now, it’s kind of an endearing homeliness. I especially like the funky-looking station wagons from these years. The ’63 Dart came standard with Chrysler’s famous 170 cid Slant Six engine; a larger 225 cid six was optional. In addition to the two- and four-door sedans and wagons, there was also a convertible Dart for 1963 in both the 270 and the GT series. Strangely, even the GTs had the little 170 cid engine as standard. There were almost 154,000 Darts produced for 1963; with the 270 being the most popular series. This four-door sedan listed for $2,135 back in the day. It’s sitting, along with the Comet, in a pretty primitive-looking fenced-in storage area in Niagara Falls, N.Y.

'63 Dart 270 brochure art

Dart 270 wagon

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know