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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Resigns From Congress

In a heart-wrenching video, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D – AZ) announced her resignation from Congress.

Still fighting back from traumatic injuries sustained during a horrific shooting last year, Rep. Giffords has made tremendous progress. She alludes to a return to public life in the video, but declares her need to focus her energies on her recovery in the short term.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a close friend of Rep. Giffords, released the following statement:

For the past year, Gabby Giffords has inspired the nation with her fierce determination and courage. Today, Gabby has announced she is stepping down from Congress. While I’m sorry to see her leave Congress, I know this is the best decision for her and her family, and I also know that she will find other ways to continue to serve this nation. I’m so proud of her and feel incredibly blessed to call her my dear friend.

The Tuscon shooting was a dark chapter in our history, but the determination shown by Rep. Giffords in the aftermath has been an inspiration. A truly courageous woman.

  • I heard about this from another source and there is an interesting little piece about the work Representative Gabrielle Giffords could continue to do. For instance gun control. Sorry to see Representative Giffords Leave Congress, a Year after being shot but I understand.

    Check out the article here

  • Allen Miller

    I wish Ms Giffords well and thank her fro the services she performed to our country. I must assume that her constituents needs are important as well. If Ms. Giffords is unable to represent them it should be just as much a consideration as her health.

    In response to Matt a more appropriate work for her to do may be mental illness. We in New York often have a panacea about gun control. You can have all the gun control you want, but anything short of all out ban and the difficult process of getting them off the streets is close to impossible, in a state such as Arizona it is impossible. The person who shot Ms. Giffords has a deranged mind, without a gun his task may have been harder but he still could have done tremendous harm.