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Kodak’s Bankruptcy Papers

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Click here to read some numbers behind Kodak’s petition to file for bankruptcy.

Below is a 1970’s commercial for the camera and film giant. Unfortunately, it’s posted on YouTube without the soundtrack—a jingle called “The Times of Your Life” sung by Paul Anka. One of the most maudlin commercials in the history of TV advertising. A Kodak moment indeed. Here’s a link to the song.

It wasn’t the first time the company reached through the TV to pull mercilessly on consumers’ heart strings…

And here’s another ad from groovier times…

Unfortunately for Kodak, sentimentality doesn’t count for much in the business world.


  • This week Eastman Kodak filed for bankruptcy. Is there a lesson for educators about what happens when you lose touch with your customer?

    At the core of Kodak’s eventual demise was the failure of the leadership to remain connected to their customers. They convinced themselves that the public would continue to want to buy film, load it into the camera, take a picture, drop the film off at the processor, and return later to pick up their photos. Easy to believe when you’re making money at every stage of that process.

    Has our educational leadership lost touch with their customers – the students? Given the growing array of cheap digital tools available to our students, will they passively wait to be told what, how, when and with whom to learn? Is the information flow of the traditional classroom (lecture, note-taking, test) as outmoded as taking your film to the drugstore for processing?

    Read more at my post “Worksheets and Kodachrome: Lessons for Educators in the Kodak Bankruptcy”