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The Morning Grumpy – 1/4/2012

Filed under: Morning Grumpy

All the news and views fit to consume during your morning grumpy.

1. Big day for Ron Paul as he finished a close third in the Iowa caucuses and is poised for a lengthy battle in the GOP primary with the least favorite frontrunner in history, Mitt Romney. You might want to take a few minutes and read some of the greatest hits from his Ron Paul newsletter.

Welfare Checks Ended the 1992 Los Angeles Riots

From the Ron Paul Political Newsletter, June 1992 (PDF):

Order was only restored in LA when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks three days after rioting began…What if the checks had never arrived? No doubt the blacks would have fully privatized the welfare state through continued looting. But they were paid off and the violence subsided.”

Or this classic…

The Government Created AIDS

From the Ron Paul Political Report, January 1988 (PDF), under the sub-title “AIDS: Something Else We Can Thank Government For?”:

“Dr. [William C.] Douglass believes that AIDS is a deliberately engineered hybrid of these two animal viruses cultured in human tissue, and he blames World Health Organization experimentation at Ft. Detrick, Maryland.


“‘I have always said,’ notes Dr. Douglass [in Health Freedom News, an “anti-government medicine” publication], ‘and our forefathers told us this, that the greatest threat to the people is always government. Not foreign governments, but our own government.'”

Ron Paul isn’t just a weird grandpa in an ill-fitting suit, he’s also crazy. And the best candidate the GOP has right now…hooray for America!

2. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is about to announce a massive strategic review of the Defense Department and will target nearly $450BN in spending cuts.

The U.S. military of the future will no longer be able to fight two sustained ground wars at the same time. The strategic review will outline how the military can cut $450 billion from its budget, amid speculation that Congress may cut an additional $500 billion in the near future. Acknowledging an incapacity to wage two wars is not ideal, notes Andrew Krepinevich, a military expert at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, but it’s better than the alternative. “You may risk losing the confidence of some allies, and you may risk emboldening your adversaries,” he says. “But at the end of the day, a strategy of bluffing, or asserting that you have a capability that you don’t, is probably the worst posture of all.”

Of course, this will become a MASSIVE campaign issue in 2012 and it takes some balls by this administration to take on such a task in an election year. If you’d like to take a shot at cutting the Defense budget, the New York times gives you the tools right here. After giving it some thought, I was able to cut $733BN from the budget, you can see how I did it by clicking here.

3. In case you’re wondering, the world isn’t ending in 2012. Get a grip.

4. “The fact is you can’t tax the very people that we expect to invest in the economy and create jobs” Speaker of The House Rep.John Boehner

“Oh yeah?” – Chris Smith

5. Buffalo is one of the most “secure” places to live in America.

Three upstate New York cities rank in the top 20 most “secure” places to live in America. But what does that mean?

Farmers Insurance Group releases the annual list, which purports to definitely define where myriad factors converge, creating an environment where citizens’ health, happiness and well-being are least threatened.

The rankings are based on dozens of factors, according to a press release from Farmers Insurance:

…crime statistics, extreme weather, risk of natural disasters, housing depreciation, foreclosures, air quality, terrorist threats, environmental hazards, life expectancy, mortality rates from cancer and motor vehicle accidents, and job loss numbers.

So, we have that going for us, which is nice.

6. Great story about the “Rochester Reinvention“.

Rochester, the New York home of Eastman Kodak Co., ticks many of the standard Rust Belt boxes. Crumbling corporate benefactor? Check. Acres of vacant lots? Check. Soaring unemployment? Well, no.

Rochester is handling massive corporate disinvestment in their community much better than we have in Buffalo. Why?

Many of the people laid off by the large companies in Rochester are highly trained engineers who have started their own companies and live in the upscale neighborhoods of Pittsford, Penfield and Brighton. Some have left the engineering world behind as they made the transition from company man to entrepreneur.

When your regional economy is built on innovation, engineering, and technology, it’s easier to rebound.

Quote Of The Day: “I hope, when they die, cartoon characters have to answer for their sins.” – Jack Handy

Fact Of The Day: On Jan. 4, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson outlined the goals of his ”Great Society” in his State of the Union address.

Song Of The Day: “Mercy” by Triggerfinger and Selah Sue

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  • Jesse

    4: Really? So ALL we have to do is raise taxes on rich people and everything will be cool? Sweet!!

    1: I’d take my senile grandparents over the war-mongers in both parties right now.

  • Bruce Beyer

    Glad to see you left money in the budget for military bands! Nothing stirs my heart more than the music of a military marching band wafting over soldiers graves.

  • Mike Chmiel

    I hope that any military budget allows for flying billion-dollar jet fighters over every semi-important sporting event because this ain’t America otherwise!

  • Jim Holstun

    Bad old crazy old racist old Ron-Paul-newsletter-writers of ten-to-twenty years ago! How we hate you! And of course, we should!

    Meanwhile, on New Year’s Eve, non-socialist, non-Muslim, non-Kenyan President Barack Obama acquired the right to throw you in a dungeon forever. And he continues to turn Afghani, Pakistani, and even American children into steak tartar with drone strikes. He even makes jokes about it! But he never calls them “ragheads” before murdering them, so everything’s jake, and the media can continue to sleep peacefully.

    Bad old crazy old racist old Ron-Paul-newsletter-writers of ten-to-twenty years ago! How we hate you!

  • I want the primary mission for our military to be band playing, sporting event flyovers, ceremonial celebrations and defense of the borders. So, cutting the Air Force band undercuts my own goals.

  • anti

    Ron Paul newsletter ?
    Well maybe it’s time to check whois is behind this non issue.
    Ben swann of Fox did a great work and actually he investigated the issue…(yeah it’s kind of rare in our day )
    I think the US media should be ashamed of what is going on versus Ron Paul
    when you know CNN didnt even report about indefinite detention of citizen.
    when you know your president just signed it as a law. when you know all those morons still want to grow the debt. todo bigger bailout to not audit the pentagon nor the fed. to wage war in irak. it’s time to stop to lie to yourself ppl. I’m french and i would LOVE to have som1 like Ron Paul. If you dont realise what is going on and prefer to just repeat whatever stupidity from CNN or FOX or MSNBC. I’m sorry but if you cant recognise when a candidate is attacked by BOTH side of the political spectrum because he is too pro 10th ademenment too pro constituion? when you cant recognise the lie. well you deserve whatever happen to you. you have been fooled how many time by your politics ? you still CANT understand what is going on ? vietnam , irak both started with a lie! both killing millions of people for nothing. civilian or both side. get real people.
    this is not about republican vs democrats. this is about the good fight for the future of this world. When a next war is maybe is preparation it’s our duty todo whatever it take to stop that insanity.
    Ron Paul is the most honnest politicians you will ever hard the chance to vote for. and guys i know a LOT about shitty and corrupt politicians because we had our fair share here in france of crook. dont miss this chance. you can forever regret it the day your son or brother or nephew will be forced to go the battlefield for protecting some economic interest of a remote country you cant even place on a map. or maybe you believe the Big.Gov is a better solution then a state solution and you believe it’s better to kill people and fight for ‘our freedom’. well the you are delusional and nothing we can say can change it.


      Feel free to scan through the racist claims, collection of right wing conspiracy theories, and general nonsense at your leisure. The guy is a nut as are his friends and associates.