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YAK Car Pic of the Day

'67 Rambler Rebel, Franklinville, N.Y.

This 1967 Rambler Rebel 770 was seen a while back in Franklinville. It was apparently owned by a volunteer firefighter (note the rooftop blue lightbar) who’s ready for anything — the photo was taken during the summer months, but a close look reveals a set of snow tires. Hey, you never know! The 1967 model year was the last for the Rebel to be called Rambler; starting in 1968 it was the AMC Rebel. By the 1971 model year the slightly face-lifted car was known as the AMC Matador. Needless to say, name changes didn’t do much for sales, but it somehow managed to hang on through  the 1978 model year.

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • rastamick

    Call me jaded but I hoped the addition of Alan to this rag would reduce the number and frequency of these fucking car pics. Why should I auto know any of these rigs and who really gives a flying fuck in a place like Artvoice about old cars especially when they outnumber the journalistic pieces about 4 to 1 ? Instead of pulling itself up a notch I feel Artvoice has sunk to dead even with WNY where you can read Nick’s endless stream of opinions on local sports and maybe a short piece about a local event followed p by 30K tweets which may or may not have anything in common with the piece. This town needs an enema. Bring back James Williams or Carl so we have something to sink out teeth into. Chris Jacobs is poised to take over Hochul’s job, how much more of a set up do you need to say something meaningful ?

    • Alan Bedenko

      I’m thinking I should be offended here…

  • Call me unjaded — I’m enjoying finding out that the meat & potatoes yawner the AMC Matador is actually derived from a car named “Rebel”! When I was a kid my fam had a late-model Matador — we knew it was pretty lame but I think my dad got a good deal on it, so we embraced the decidedly uncool car and made our own jokes about it.

    So as an adult, when I saw some of the ’70s Bond flicks on the movie channel, I nearly passed out laughing that they seemed to include the entire AMC lineup! America’s lamest cars starring in movies about a suave international agent — playing nicely, I thought, into the tongue-in-cheek, self-parody element of the Bond films of that era.