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Meet the Lumpers: Ghosts of Christmas Present

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Click here to read how corporate “logistics” actually translates into nightmare jobs worthy of a Charles Dickens novel. Sprawling warehouses full of Asian goods are emptied and filled by under-paid, uninsured per-diem workers laboring under the constant threat of being replaced by the temp agencies that contract with retail giants like Wal*Mart. The pressure on these workers is especially high during the holiday shopping season as retailers demand quick delivery to store shelves. Meanwhile, crowds of the desperate unemployed stand in line for a chance to fill job openings as hapless workers are injured and replaced.

God bless us, every one!

  • Max

    A pathetic Christmas gift from the “job creators;” shuffling junk in a warehouse. America has gotten very good at that instead of producing goods of enduring, lasting value. Late night cable TV is full of programming about those who make a living by cannibalizing unclaimed storage units. Some would call it ‘late capitalism;’I call call it another signpost along the race to the bottom.

  • Jonathan Wellinton-Fidrych III

    When will Artvoice stop with this maudlin and sappy coverage? You just don’t get it. The Free Market profits system ensures a better way of life for all of US. And our tax dollars provide poorhouses for these worthless slackers and their teaming offspring.

    We are tired of counseling Artvoice politely. Please be advised that WE are the .99%. WE do not forgive. WE do not forget. Expect US.