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Is there is or is there ain’t an election?

Filed under: Erie County, Local Politics

There is a persistent rumor floating around about an upcoming vote for Chairman of the Zone Chair’s Association of the City of Buffalo. But unlike most election rumors that center on candidates, this rumor focuses primarily on whether or not there is going to be an election, period.

Jeremy Zellner at Erie County Democratic Headquarters tells AV that nothing is scheduled as of now. “Contrary to what anyone thinks, we’re kinda busy with a lot of other things right now. It’s on the agenda to get done, I just don’t know when. It could be in ten years, it could be in ten minutes.”

Any zone leader in the city of Buffalo is eligible to vote for the chair. Good luck finding out who those people are. When asked for a list, we were directed to the Board of Elections, and told that they would probably refer us back to Democratic HQ.

So why not save us the phone call and provide us with those names?

JZ: We’d have to get them to you.

AV: How would you like to get them to me?

JZ: Well, I could take your information, and get it to you when I can.

AV: OK, how about email?

JZ: I’m not sure. What’s you’re phone number over there?

AV: Do you have email? That’s a pretty convenient way to send info.

JZ: Really? What’s your number over there? I’m gonna have to call you right back.

AV: 881-6604

JZ: And your email?


JZ: OK, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can get you that list. But for now, I mean, we did have it brought up at an executive committee meeting, but we’re working on filling Mark Poloncarz’s comptroller thing—we’ve got a forum coming up for that. We’ve got the swearing-in of Mark we’re working on. We just finished having a Christmas party that we’re wrapping up. You know, we’ve got a lot going on over here. There’s a lot of other things going on right now, and it’s not at the top of our list.

A call to the board of elections confirmed that my question would be referred back to the Erie County Democratic HQ, because it was of a political nature.

Two people rumored to be running for Democratic zone chair for the city are Darien Pratchett—who works at the Board of Elections but had called in sick today—and Peter A. Reese, a local attorney who was recently elected a North Buffalo zone chair. A call to Reese confirmed rumors that he and Pratchett are actively campaigning for the city-wide chairmanship.

But no one at EC Democratic HQ can confirm if or when the election they are campaigning for will be held. Meanwhile, Zellner has not sent us the list of the names of people who represent the byzantine patchwork of zones within the city of Buffalo.

Perhaps some local politicos can flesh out that information in the comments section below?

  • Somebody

    Calling Peter Reese an attorney is a stretch, most 1Ls have a better grasp of courtroom procedure and law in general. Of course consider he is also one of the most abrasively annoying human beings alive, he would be better off not campaigning then trying to persuade anyone to support him. Top that off with the fact he knows nothing about politics and you have a real winner.

  • somebody else

    Peter Reese was “elected” zone chair by about 10 people, a number whom wanted soemone else anyway. Isn’t Reese the one who told us a few months ago that we had to cut a deal with BMW ? Poloncarz is the defacto head of the Erie County democratic party and Reese needs to cork it and go back to playing patty cake with his bat shit crazy buddy Ostrowski.

  • Peter A Reese

    @Somebody: Do you realize what is does to my already low self esteem to be defamed by a person without the guts to use his own name? I am going to cry myself to sleep tonight. I hope you’re happy.

  • Peter A Reese

    On a more serious note, the type of treatment Quigley received from the ECDC is typical of that which the cowardly insiders like “Somebody” deal out to us ordinary folks. I asked Zellner for the Zone Chair list on Monday 12/12/11. I didn’t get it until after Buck posted this blog. And I am still not allowed to have phone numbers or e-mail addresses. As a declared candidate for Chairman, I am obviously hampered in my attempts to communicate with other zone chairs. Does anyone seriously doubt that my opponent has had all the information he needs since day one?

    This imprudent behavior by staff causes animosity and hostility which lasts for years. Frank Max is dedicated to stopping this childish nonsense and that is why he will be the next Democratic County Chairman.

    I have heard the tapes of Buck’s phone conversations and a phone call which came in after Buck’s blog. This is much worse when you hear the live conversation than when you read about it. Do you want this guy as your interface to the world? No wonder Erie County Democrats are divided and ineffective.