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GLF Demolition

Tim Tielman of the Campaign for a Greater Buffalo sends this update:

The EPA escorted all employees of Ontario Specialty Contracting (OSC) off
the premises yesterday on suspicion of asbestos violations regarding the
demolition of the Wheeler Elevator and marine tower.

It can be expected that the NYS Dept. of Labor will follow, to investigate
potential worker safety violations.

OSC testified to the Buffalo Preservation Board last year, and in State
Supreme Court this March, that it sought demolition of the historic Wheeler
Elevator and adjacent feed mill to protect its workers. Now it is being
investigated for disregarding its workers' health and safety in the act of
demolition itself.

David Torke of  Fix Buffalo sent in this photograph, taken yesterday of the recommenced demolition of the GLF grain elevators by Ontario Specialty Contracting:


  • Lou Ricciuti

    Isn’t this the same company (Williams family) — or a closely associated one that demolished the then potentially plutonium laden and historic Acheson (Carborundum) Buildings along Buffalo Avenue in Niagara Falls? That demo happened in the middle of the night, was without permits and a blind-eye was turned by then mayor Irene Elia. The Elia (Love Canal fame) and Williams families (large 56th Street & Pine Ave. CECOS landfill fame) were or are also closely associated and for that incident on Buffalo Ave., nothing was done and a large profit is being seen by the demo-ing company with a lease for their new “parking lot” with the Seneca Niagara Casino. Looks like the “Golden Rule” is at work once again in WNY! (He who has the gold, rules.)

  • Lou Ricciuti

    Just found these – further interesting reading.

    *Add your own http’s, www’s and dotcoms where needed.

    Seven Days: The Straight Dope From the Week That Was
    Dec 9, 2010 … Niagara Falls businessman and Lewiston Heights resident Jerry Williams turned a curious shade of green last week. Williams called a meeting …

    Now, I’m just curious but, is “Jon” the same person as “Jerry”?
    And, is “Jerry” the same as “Jon”? And if so,
    why use the two diff e r ent … ? hmm.

    Sam and Jerry’s Neighborhood | Artvoice Daily
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    “Sam and Jerry”? “Tom and Jerry”? Or, “When Harry Met Sally,” or is that “Jon” and “Jerry”? Just curious. Does anyone know?

    ANALYSIS By Mike Hudson from NiagaraFallsReporter – 2003

    Williams, Acquest, Man O ‘Trees, MJW, Ontario Specialty campaign $ for politician … hmm?

    A good read and past take on things ..
    Last year, this time ..
    Buffalo River Dredging
    The GLF Grain Elevator
    BassPro ..

    The Golden Rule.