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Steam Donkeys Gig Kicks Off Holiday Shopping Season

In an effort to ease the crush of crazed Black Friday shoppers, members of the local honky tonk community are praising the decision by the Steam Donkeys—a locally based original music act and consumer advocacy group—to officially kick off the holiday shopping season during their performance at 9:30pm this Saturday (11/19) at the Sportsmen’s Tavern.

“In these tough economic times, the last thing 99% of American consumers need is a medical bill stemming from injuries sustained while stampeding into a big box store,” said Steam Donkeys frontman and policy guru Buck Quigley. “Why put yourself through all that, when you could instead stop in to the Sportsmen’s Tavern and enjoy warm, heartfelt, homegrown live music?”

As an added incentive, the band will be selling out-of-print copies of their two 1990’s records on Atlanta’s Landslide label. The albums were released in an antiquated format known as the Compact Disc, or “CD”. CDs enjoyed a brief heyday when every major label discontinued the release of large, vinyl Long Playing—or “LP”—records. Since then, most major labels have gone down the tubes.

“They even had specialized devices on which to play CDs. The discs wouldn’t work if you tried to drop a turntable stylus onto them. They still require a specialized device—called a CD player—that incorporates the use of a complex instrument called a “LASER” to produce sound,” Quigley explains. “The good news is you can simply slide CDs into your computer and play them that way, too. If you want, you can then save the audio files on your computer and illegally circulate the copyrighted material with just the click of a mouse—eliminating the cumbersome concept of artist royalties.”

Like 8-track tapes and cassettes, CDs had the virtue of fitting comfortably into a stocking hung on the mantle. And because they come in square, fragile, plastic “jewel” cases, there’s more room to insert things like liner notes, which are very hard to fit onto the outside of a typical flash drive.

These Steam Donkeys CDs are in very limited supply, and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

The band is also planning to perform rare cuts unheard anywhere for decades. “One song, ‘Big Cryin’ Man,’ dates back to the late 1980s. In 1992, it was recorded at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, but never released commercially,” according to Quigley. “It hasn’t been played live in twenty years.”

Don’t be left behind when the holiday season begins this Saturday. Avoid the crowds at the mall and get your Christmas shopping done early with the friendly folks at the Sportsmen’s Tavern. Tasty eats, adult beverages, and urban hillbilly music.