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Tonight: Honeytribe brings Space Age Blues to DBGB

For the musically inclined progeny of established rock legends, living up to their parents’ legacy and simultaneously pursuing their own unique styles is a burdensome task. Not to say, however, that it hasn’t been done before; Sean Lennon pulled it off in 1998 with his debut album Into the Sun, managing to both embrace his musical heritage and break into the music industry in his own right.

So did Devon Allman, son of southern blues rock household name Gregg Allman. Contrary to what Gregg Allman’s superstar status might lead you to believe, Devon Allman grew up in the suburbs as a regular teen, discovering his father’s vast musical presence much later after he had already picked up the guitar of his own accord. Much like Sean Lennon, Devon Allman makes music that isn’t overly conscious of his father’s fame. While remaining true to his roots in southern blues rock, Devon Allman draws inspiration from his own broad range of influences and fuses them to create an unexpected but irresistible spin-off.

Devon Allman’s Honeytribe’s latest 2010 album, Space Age Blues, is a groovy blend of blues, jazz, rock n’ roll with a sci-fi inspired cosmic flavor that Allman describes as “Darth Vader meets B.B. King.” The familiar soulful melodies are still there as well as the electrifying rock ‘n roll grit, but the umbrella term “blues rock” seems a little deficient. Allman himself calls it “science-fiction blues,” and though it may not yet be a “real” genre, Honeytribe is well on its way to changing that. See them perform at DBGB (253 Allen St) tonight (Nov 11) at 9 pm. -max soeun kim