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Congratulations Doug Curella: Grisanti’s Chief of Staff Moves Up the Ladder

This week Douglas J. Curella, political aficionado, and all around nice guy, passed the NYS Bar Exam. Did he sign a one page contract with Old Scratch?
He works with him.  Will he be careful of what he asks for? He should be careful; he just might get it.

It opens New Windows:

“Cause the law my boy puts us into everything. It’s the ultimate backstage pass; it’s the new priesthood baby.
Did you know there are more students in law school now then there are lawyers on the earth and we’re coming out, guns blazing!”

“Who, in their right mind, Doug, could possibly deny the 20th century was entirely mine? All of it, Doug. All of it, Mine. I’m peaking, Doug. It’s my time now.”
Al Pacino in The Devil’s Advocate

AV: What brought you back to Buffalo?
Fate. I tore my anterior cruciate ligament during a soccer match in Green Bay. The day of surgery I was alerted that my insurance would not cover this procedure because I was out of network, so I flew back to New York that night, found a surgeon, and had reconstructive knee surgery.

Read Artvoice’s “5 Questions” interview with Doug Curella here.

  • Mike Dantonio

    I always thought Curella made a deal with Pucino! It’s the only thing that makes sense…

  • Rocco Polino

    It wasn’t until now that I realized how much Grisanti reminds me of Pucino.

  • Patrick O’Malley

    Wednesday morning the Bar Exam scores were sent out by emails. Nothing too exciting there except for the date, November 2nd. I’m pretty sure that was the date Grisanti was elected the year before. How many times can Curella win the lottery in November? There are some theories that these things could be predicted.

  • Brian Akatriel

    If you take 11/02/10 and ad it up, it comes to 5 (1+1+0+2+1+0=5)

    If you take 11/02/11 and ad it up, it comes to 6 (1+1+0+2+1+1=6)

    If you ad them it comes to 11.

    Does anyone know what Curella is doing next Friday morning around 11:11am?

    It will be the 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year.

    Something’s going on here………..

  • Robert

    Who is Doug Curella? What job does he have in politics?

  • Al Pacino’s Maid

    Hey guys, it’s AL PACINO, not Al Pucino.

    And yes, who is Doug Curella and why are we supposed to care or be in anyway interested about him passing some test?

    Is he going to run for public office soon?