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Artvoice Removed from Rath Building

Yesterday afternoon, 200 copies of Artvoice were dropped off at Erie County’s Rath Building. Today, we received word that every single copy was gone.

AV’s wild popularity notwithstanding, the last time such a run on the paper at the county building occurred was when we published a Bruce Fisher article critical of County Executive Chris Collins’s sense of humor—he had compared NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, an orthodox Jew, to Hitler and the Antichrist. The next day, all the papers were gone.

In yesterday’s paper, editor Geoff Kelly published his assessment of Collins’s first term. And again, all the papers have mysteriously disappeared.

Last time, we filed a FOIL request to see the surveillance camera footage for the previous 24 hours from the two cameras that record everything that goes on in the entrance lobby where the papers are left every Thursday. The request was ultimately denied on the grounds that it would compromise the building’s security plan. Today, I called requesting the same access to look at what the cameras recorded. I was told that the FOIL officer, Edward Delaney, wasn’t in today, but I could send a request to his email.

The FOIL law being what it is, we probably won’t have a response to that request for months—and the request may ultimately be denied as the last one was.

If an individual removed all the papers, one can only wonder—why? With an election four days away, could it be that a Collins supporter would have removed any literature that could be seen as critical of the county executive?

I mean, really, it’s not like yesterday’s story accused Collins of being a notorious cheat at golf (although that is the persistent rumor). It really just focused on his record as county executive.

Artvoice is a small business, as are most of the advertisers who make it possible to offer the free alternative weekly to the community. What an anti-business stance it is to throw all those papers in the trash.

Let alone the fact that stealing free newspapers is an affront to free speech. And illegal.

What do you think? Does anybody know what happened to yesterday’s copies of Artvoice that were dropped off at the Rath Building around 2pm and were already gone—according to one informant—before closing time yesterday?

  • Jim Holstun

    Erie County Sheriff currently investigating several leads:

    1. Sheldon “Antichrist” Silver did it to make Chris look bad.
    2. Vengeful underfunded employees from city culturals did it to make Chris look bad.
    3. Artvoice excellent for plugging up hydrofracking holes
    4. Representatives from all six county IDAs took 33 copies apiece.
    5. Artvoice copies generously donated by Erie County to fill up understocked BECP Library shelves.
    6. Byron Brown papering his rec room with full-color cover photo of Studly, telegenic Chris Collins, doing what he does best.
    7. Jane Corwin recycling Artvoice issues into antiquated Talking Phone Books, even as we speak.
    8. Nice, cushiony landing, when Chris cuts them down at the Holding Center.
    9. Rats did it. Big, snivelly rats, on their way home to their McMansions in the burbs.

  • jhorn

    Forget FOIL; put world renowned psychic karyn reece on the case. I understand she communicates with the brain-dead….

  • The 99 percent

    Since Colins has been asleep at his desk while over 13000 jobs have left Erie County, it is likely that the added clients of the county welfare office in the Rath Bldg. were reading the free paper while waiting in line to find out about unemployment benefits or the few jobs out there that Collins hasn’t sunk. They also may be stuffing the paper in their shirts to keep warm, since Collins has cut aid to needy while he and his fat cat friends line their pockets and plan their exit from Buffalo.

    But, such is the tradition of the fat cats in Buffalo (the Statlers, Wells Fargo, AMEX, Trico, etc.) who drain the area of all its resources and then disinvest. In return, the foolish people in Buffalo name buildings and streets after them and have endless fundraisers to retore the buildings they abandoned long ago.

    So, if history repeats itself, some new building will be called the “Collins Bldg.” and the flunkies in Buffalo will probably fly him here from his estate in Miami to cut the ribbon.

  • Jonathan Wellinton-Fidrych III

    What’s the all bru hah hah here? Whoever threw away this trashy paper should be given an award for community improvement. I’ll ring up Dr. Rudnick first thing in the morning to see what he can do.

  • jamie

    Jonathan are you sure you’re not Dr. Rudnick when he slips into his whack mode of what he wishes he could say? You know, kind of Jeckyl and Hyde.