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Letter to AV: Clarence Lott on the Mayor Byron Brown and Barbara Miller-Williams

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Last night, we received this letter from East Side political activist Clarence Lott, formerly of the Grassroots political club (to which both Brown and Miller-Williams belong) and now of the East Side Political Network (which is supporting Tim Hogues over Miller-Williams for the District 1 seat on the Erie County Legislature):

Byron W. Brown has officially come off the sidelines in the race for Erie County Executive. Unfortunately, it is not to support Democrat Mark Poloncarz but Chris Collins protege and floor leader Barbara Miller-Williams. Brown can now be heard on a radio commercial stumping for his Grassroots partner. Given how bad Chris Collins and Barbara Miller-Williams have been for city residents, how could Brown not be supportive of real Democrats and the interests of Buffalo? It’s very simple: Grassroots politricks!

Lott goes on to argue that Brown’s adviser and Grassroots partner Maurice Garner “stands to lose his plum appointment at the Off Track Betting Corporation if Collins and Miller Williams are not reelected”:

Too bad Byron Brown can find the time to hit the airwaves to fight for his cronies and can’t bother to raise his voice to oppose closing city clinics, reducing child care subsidies, and defunding our libraries, and to welcome philanthropic support for small cultural organizations.

Lott goes on to note that his candidate, Hogues, has been endorsed by The Challenger and former Assemblyman Arthur Eve.

  • @ Clarence. Maurice should not feel too bad if he lost the Off Track Betting Commission’s position. He could chalk it up to Karma; for after all, he cost John Elmore the Erie County Water Authority commissioner seat when he had Chairwoman Miller-Williams switch her allegience from Elmore to Jack O’Donnell after she had the support and enough Democratic votes
    to elect Elmore to that seat.

  • chester

    It’s a bit surreal that party leaders talk so openly about the patronage jobs they dole out as favors to loyalists, without any particular consider for whether the agency receiving the new employee/s has any need for their skills and abilities. What a different place WNY would be if all public sector employees were hired on their merits, instead of who their friends were.

  • Clarence Lott’s Alter Ego

    I am a Democrat but Chris Jacobs campaign insiders gave me money off the books to get a ounce of crack so Jacobs had my support. Betty Jean Grant lets me get loose cigarettes out of her store on e. ferry so she had my support. If i put down this crack pipe, will i be in line for one of the Legislature positions Betty Jean Grant? You hired Karla Thomas and I said everything you and Champ Eve told me to say about Barbara Miller-Williams with Karla’s help. Champ makes too many promises, so I am counting on you Betty Jean to do what you said you were going to do if I helped you get your office back downtown.