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YAK Car Pic of the Day

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, this pops up.

Doing a Google search of the Chinese auto manufacturer Shuanghuan Auto, who’ve been sued for ripping off Daimler’s smart fortwo (ya think?), I find that there’s a dealership in Des Moines, Iowa (supposedly) selling this stuff.

The cars are marketed under the Noble nameplate; the LC being the electric version, the G4 gasoline powered… and, oh yes, there’s also the SCEO SUV, the previous model of which was a BMW X5 knock-off.

Noble top; smart bottom

 I find it difficult to describe Shuanghuan Auto’s products adequately, so here’s a quote from the China Car Forums website:

“Shuanghuan Auto try to make high quality Auto products since 16 years and we always operation without on borrowings and losses incurred year. Shuanghuan Auto Commpany adopted at field of production as per zero-defect development and high quality production purpose, we passed ISO9000 quality control system in 2000 and gained 3C constraint products certification in 2003. Now we accomplish product quality lifetime tract system with control procedure and rewards and penalties system. S-RV, full set of car become good quality products at same grade throughout the country. We cut over 24 hours service hot line and return a visit to customer, we have 200 pieces of monopolistic shopping and almost 300 of pieces mainantenance station all over the country.”

There, ya got all that?

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know 

  • Joseph Coppola


  • uncabobbo

    China, as this article so richly demonstrates, has a national policy of ignoring any patents or copyrights from other countries. Sue them? China’s policy on that is to simply ignor suits from the west. That’s why we all paid through the nose for that Chineese drywall but the Chineese manufacturer was held blameless because there is no mechanism in China for lawsuits from western countries. Again, those things are ignored by the Chineese government. We need to establish law in this country that any invention, innovation or intellectual property originating in China can be used by anhyone in this country free of charge.
    And the next time you hear some politician or wall street type use that misnomer…free trade…just laugh in their face.

  • Peter A Reese

    Hard to argue with “monopolistic shopping”. I think I’ve got to get me one of them things.