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The Slackers at Mohawk Place

For a band that’s been consistently putting out music for almost two decades, Brooklyn ska sextet the Slackers have kept a deceptively low profile throughout their career. They like to keep it simple and low-key—little to no publicizing/self-promotion and a clear distaste for major labels and MTV-driven fame. However, don’t let this fool you—the Slackers have an impressive resume of international tours, collaborations and solid fan bases all over the world, along with a reputation for intimate and convivial shows. Their most recent release is their twelfth studio album, titled The Great Rocksteady Swindle, and is their first full-length album to feature songs that are fully collaborative, all six members of the band having contributed material. The album, which was released by independent punk label Hellcat Records, has earned favorable reviews for its simple, raw execution and eclectic sound. And don’t be misled by the vague umbrella term “ska”—The Slackers’ appeal is not in the tired cliché of repetitive offbeat guitar chops and cutesy trombone lines. Words can only say so much though, so take this opportunity to see, hear and judge for yourself. The Slackers will be taking the stage on Tuesday (Oct 18) at Mohawk Place with Chicago contemporaries Deal’s Gone Bad.—max soeun kim

7pm. Mohawk Place, 47 E. Mohawk St. (465-2368/ $15.