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YAK Car Pic of the Day

2012 Ford Ranger, South Africa

The mid-sized Ford Ranger pickup is soon going away in North America, as production will finish up at Ford’s St. Louis plant in December, with plans to end sales sometime early in 2012. That’s not the case for the rest of the world, though. The new 2012 Ford Ranger pickup was featured last week at South Africa’s motor show in Johannesburg. Ford’s South Africa plant will  build Rangers for both the domestic and 148 different African and European export markets. It will also be built in Thailand and Argentina for distribution in those parts of the world. And unless North Americans lose their appetite for huge pickups, we won’t see a new Ranger here soon… if ever. Pity.

Tomorrow: Chevy sees the domestic market for smaller pickups a bit differently.

— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know

  • Max

    The huge pickup phenomenon is beyond my comprehension. How those machines came to be equated as everyday drivers is beyond me. I understand the need for those vehicles by those who need to support their business or trade, but think a lot of the ones you see on the road are overkill for the purposes they’re used and driven by people trying to make up for some other physical inadequacy. I rented one – by default and not choice – a F-150 Extended Cab 4X4, which was a true lummox of a vehicle and a real challenge to maneuver in any traffic or parking situation, compared to my usual ride, a ’97 Camry.

    • Jim Corbran

      Max, I’m with you on that one.