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Byron Brown’s New PR Department: Not for Nothing, But…

I mean literally: not for nothing.

I’m sure that former Channel 4 News reporter Lori Schultz will perform admirably as a writer of press releases, speeches, and marketing collateral for the mayor. Presumably, at $80,971 per year, she brings to the team skills to that the mayor’s chief spokesman, Michael DeGeorge, cannot provide at the same salary.

But I can’t help but wonder how the recently departed Peter Cutler managed to do the whole job for a mere $86,129 per year.

Some may argue that DeGeorge has more on his plate than Cutler did, because DeGeorge is spokesman for the police department, too. But that won’t wash: The police PR job was created for DeGeorge; it never existed before him. (I’ve never really understood its necessity and have heard from a lot of cops who feel the same way.) And before the job was created, Cutler often acted as spokesman for the police department, too, at least on matters in which the mayor and his police commissioner wished to have some control of the message.

A cash-strapped city. $162,000 per year to do PR for the mayor. Two people doing a job that used to take just one. It’s not even a campaign year.