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Chris Collins: The Kind of Light He Shines on WNY

Filed under: Erie County, Local Politics

Yesterday the Daily Kos printed this long portrait of Erie County Executive Chris Collins, with the intention of rallying Democrats across the country to support the campaign of his challenger this fall, Erie County Comptroller Mark Poloncarz.

Here’s the preamble:

Imagine if you could transport yourself back in time to the moment when Perry, Boehner, Bachmann, Romney, Walker, Thune, Palin, et al. were just venturing forth in their quests for those first elected offices. Imagine if you were given the opportunity to stop any of those wing nuts right at the very beginning before they reached the national level. Wouldn’t you take it?

And here are a couple highlights:

Why does Chris Collins hate infants?

While Collins’ trophy wife Mary enjoys her pampered simpering useless life, filled with extravagant shopping trips to NYC and ballroom dance lessonsin the private gym of their $1.05 million 6,000 SF home, wearing her 10-carat diamond engagement ring…

…her elitist heartless husband pulled Erie County out of the Federal WIC program. You know…that scary government program that’s been in existence since 1972 and is one of the most cost-effective ever. National studies show benefit-to-cost ratios ranging from $1.77 to $3.13 saved for each $1 spent on WIC.  But Collins doesn’t care about whether a government program is effective or not, because in the Koch Brothers worldview he subscribes to, everything must be privatized, and government should play no role.  Government is an obstacle to be removed, in order to facilitate the continued massive funneling of money and resources from the working class and poor to the top 2% wealthiest individuals.  And even though Buffalo, which is in Erie County, is the 2nd largest city in the state and the 3rd poorest in the entire nation, Collins has also eliminated child care subsidies for working parents.  Destroying these programs has only served to push more people onto the welfare rolls.  Nice work, Chris.


Why does Chris Collins hate sick people?

He closed the only two healthcare clinics in the county that specifically served Medicaid patients, forcing them to get their primary care from emergency rooms.  This costs  exponentially more than obtaining preventative care through clinics. But that works for Collins, because it means the private hospitals and doctors get paid more.  Oh, by the way…both those clinics he closed?  They were actually making money for the county, not losing!