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Steam Donkeys Announce September 2011 Tour Dates

Buffalo act the Steam Donkeys have announced their September 2011 tour dates:

Saturday, 9/17—Music is Art, Kids Village 5pm

Saturday, 9/17—Music is Art, Americana stage 6:30pm

Saturday, 9/17—Sportsmen’s Tavern, 9:30pm

“Rather than piling into a used church van and driving all over the country—burning gas and contributing to global warming—the band has decided to compress its entire September schedule into one eight hour window, performing three shows inside a one mile radius,” said Steam Donkeys frontman Buck Quigley.

Climate researchers, politicos, and members of the local honky tonk community are praising the news.

“Not bad,” shouted one environmentalist from his hammock strung high in a South Buffalo tree infested with Emerald Ash Borer Beetles, “but they’re still using electricity to amplify their instruments. And they still insist on wearing leather cowboy boots when they perform. Nice message. Let’s just cut down another thousand acres of the rain forest so Buck can pretend he’s Johnny Cash.”

“The band is onto something,” said a Washington insider, speaking on condition of anonymity from a D.C. karaoke bar. “I’m not sure what it is, exactly, but I can tell you there are a lot of interested parties playing close attention to this stunt. If political candidates could boil down their campaign tours to one eight-hour shift it would free up hundreds of millions of dollars in their campaign chests—which could then be spent in other ways through bribes and the like, to directly fix the election. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s my turn at the mic. I’ve been practicing ‘Candle in the Wind’ all week.”

“The nice thing about this tour is that we’ll get to play songs for little kids, music hipsters with ironic T-shirts, and hardcore country fans all in one day,” Quigley says. “And we won’t have to stop and eat fast food on the interstate at all.”

  • Colleen o

    I love these articles! Can you write one about my boring day of chores tomorrow?