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Adamczyk Is Really Out

News from midstate: Larry Adamczyk’s appeal of a decision by the appellate division last Friday removing him from the Democratic primary ballot in the race for the Fillmore District council seat has been rejected.

So Adamczyk is out, and it’s just the incumbent Dave Franczyk and one challenger, Sam Herbert.

  • Bruce Beyer

    Congratulations to attorney Michael Kuzma!

  • RaChaCha

    Bruce, you beat me to it! Indeed — nice work, Mike. The newly expanded Fillmore district is quite an amazing slice of Our Fair City — and I’m glad our council president will be representing it.

  • Peter A Reese

    How does AV get this news so quickly? The BNews didn’t have this for another hour.

  • Samuel A. Herbert

    AV thank you on the heads-up about Adamczyk really being out of the race. Some people felt having two whites in the race and one Black, that the black would win. I didn’t care how many whites or blacks was in the race. I’m not in this race because of color of one skin. I’m enter this race because the people who live in the Fillmore district, as i do for the last 40 year’s of my life, want Real Change and leadership with VISION. This is my come back from 2007 when we took on Mr. Francyk, and pulled over 40% of the vote 721 Democrat’s who live in the Fillmore District came out and voted for Samuel A.Herbert. The time of the Career Professional Politicians is Over; never again should we allow their selfish head to raise up. 25 year’s in the same seat Mr.Francyk or anyone must be remove. To the new member’s of the Fillmore District, the people of Allen Town, I know if it was your choice, you would have rather stayed in your old Council District. We don’t live in a perfect world; please know this when i win you will have a person who repersent all of the voter’s in Fillmore District color or sex won’t matter. Do for me and i do for you i give you my WORD publicly. Adamcyk let us join as one shevel and remove David A. Francyk from Fillmore. I waited four year’s for this come back one on one. Let the game’s begain. As i said we want new leadership with vision David A. Francyk must go 25 year’s in the same seat is not healthy. We need a change agent i Samuel A. Herbert, we going to win!

  • Bobby Ferrin

    Mr. Herbert, you can’t even spell or punctuate.

  • Samuel A. Herbert

    Mr.Ferrin, happy you notice about my spelling and punctuate. I can use all the help i can get. I need someone on my campaign who can take charge and help in that area. Aside from that you and all who read, my comments understood what i said. I ask the question to you, did i mis-spell David A. Francyk must be remove from the Fillmore District seat. After 25 year’s It’s Time For Real Change. Mr. Ferrin there is room at my table for people like you.

  • Samuel A. Herbert

    Good Morning to all, and Happy Friday. Mr. Ferrin it’s Shovel not shevel, oop’s my bad as the kid’s say. There is room at my table for you and folk’s like you.