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Buffalo News World View

Filed under: The Buffalo News

The difference between editorial choices of the New York Times and the Buffalo News are revealing.
Tsumami and earthquake devastated Japan won the World Cup. The only good thing that’s happened to that country in months. The New York Times cover photo reflected their joy. The Buffalo News chose to have a front page photo of the dejected losing Team U.S.A. The Buffalo News just loves to feed us the worst of any situation or event.

  • Harrison Ballszac

    What? Is Jamie Moses a Commie or something?

    The BuffaloSchnooze HAD to mention the poor losing U.S. Team. They couldn’t very well mention Japania at all (think of all of poor Mr. Buffet’s holdings, Berkshire and otherwise) and the fact that the BuffaloSchnooze would also have had to mention the broken, smokin’reactors that are (still) spewing out tons of radioactive material into the global environment even as I write this with their melted cores steaming and all clumped on the floors of the reactor buildings and exposed fuel pools and stuff. The mainstream media can’t remind the U.S. about that you know as it’s a scary onging occurence and will be for years and years to come. Sooner and better to let us all forget that you know.

    Just kidding about being a Commie — he’s probably not. Mr. Moses appears to be a full scale/full blown Capitalist.

  • Jim

    Both newspapers suck, are increasingly irrelevant in the digital age and will soon be extinct, thank heavens. Dead tree media.

  • jamie

    A commie? A capitalist? Sorry, those aren’t the kind of things that I have any passion for. I’m more into music. As for the comment by Jim that “both papers suck” ….. all things that suck aren’t equal… some suck more than others… Like the Buffalo News!


    Among my fav fantasy headlines.

    Jamie: if not that, how about Rochester City Newspaper–? If you act fast, you can grab them up before anyone else realizes the Towlers have been dead at their desks for over a year…

  • Harrison Ballszac, West Aurora, NY

    Appearing this Saturday.
    At a private Yachting Club in Niagara County.
    Being advertised by the BuffaloSchnooze!

    If not Haiku then it’s high-poetry and a Capital idea to play music for rich folks on the water.

    Youngstown Yacht Club
    Level Regatta has it all – Niagara County – The Buffalo News
    Jul 17, 2011 – “The Level Regatta enjoys a rich history, and the village joins in …. The Soul Committee plays at 8 p. m. Friday; the Jamie Moses Band plays at…

  • Harrison Balszac, West Aurora, NY

    Level Regatta Sponsors from Buffalo’s East Side (just kidding).

    UBS Financial Services
    NorthSails Co.
    UllmanSails Co.
    Mount Gay Rum Barbados
    HSBC World Bank London-Hong Kong

    Would that be offshore type music? Calypso, I thought so.