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The Italian Heritage Festival Goes Italian!

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Every year after the Italian Heritage Festival many people would ask; “Couldn’t the Italian Festival be a little bit, well you know, a little bit more Italian?” Sure there’s always been great performers such as one of my favorites, Lance Diamond with the Hernandez Brothers, but lets face it, where’s the Braciole?

Well guess what? Things are going to be different this year; things are going to be better! The sage elders of the festival discussed it and came to this very wise decision; “Hey, you know what, let’s give the people what they want!” Wow, now that’s Italian.

(Pictured: Western New York favorites, virtuosos Steve Balesteri and Ashlee Amoia, prepare some Italian Classics for this Thursday at the Italian Heritage Festival.  The Festival will begin at 4:45 pm with the singing of the National Anthems of the United States and Italy; and immediately followed by the classic duo taking to the festival stage.)

Bada Bing!

By Benedetto Galletti

  • Guest

    Nick Cave plays Toronto next week.

  • Lillian Llacer

    I am a tour manager for bands and spent 8 years in the early 2000s as a manager for bands. If you think a band is choosing or skipping Buffalo, you are seriously deluded. That is not the way the touring business works. Bands go where promoters ask them to go and they play for whoever pays the most money on a given night of the week. Please get over this inferiority complex. Nobody is saying Let’s Play in Buffalo or Let’s Skip Buffalo.

    • sttbuff

      “This blog is purely observational; I don’t know why they’ve (sic) skipped Buffalo—maybe it’s totally unreasonable in many ways for some of these acts to play Buffalo”

      This is not an inferiority complex. It’s “purely observational” NIN is not coming to Buffalo. That is a fact. And they did may a decision to “skip” Buffalo. Bruno Mars came to Buffalo. He made a decision to “Play” Buffalo. So, yes, someone is saying “Let’s Play in Buffalo or Let’s Skip Buffalo”

      Bands may not collude to skip of play Buffalo, but I am sure there are economic, demographic, and other reasons.

      I have no idea what the point of your comment was, other than to accuse Buffalo of having an inferiority complex. Which we don’t. We are f-ing awesome.

      • Lillian Llacer

        NIN did not make a decision to skip Buffalo. You simply don’t understand the business if you think that. You are assuming that a promoter offered them a show in Buffalo. If you don’t know how a business works, you shouldn’t critique that business. That’s my point.

      • Lillian Llacer

        I can also tell you that Buffalo was going to get two nights of Modest Mouse in May, right after their Brewery Ommegang show. The first Brewery Ommegang show sold out in 7 minutes, so they pulled the Buffalo shows and played a second night at Ommegang. The reason for that was not that woke up overnight and said never mind, we don’t want to play Buffalo. The reason for that was they could make more money in one extra night in Cooperstown than they could in 2 nights in Buffalo. If bands are “skipping” Buffalo for Cleveland, it comes down to economics. They can make more money in Cleveland. Period.

      • Cory

        Ok, so they skipped for Cooperstown. I never said money wasn’t a prime reason bands skip Buffalo.

      • Lillian Llacer

        As you are the music editor for Artvoice, it would be nice to at least have some background on how national and international touring actually works before writing drivel like what you have written. You never said money was an issue, either. Re-read your post. Let me reiterate: Bands do not make decisions on where to play or where to skip. Their booking agents and management string together the most lucrative set of dates in a geographic region that are possible. Sometimes the place they would naturally play isn’t available and sometimes the promoter in the region doesn’t think he can sell enough tickets to pay the band and make a profit. NO BAND says “we want to play in Buffalo” or “we want to stay away from Buffalo.” Period.

      • sttbuff

        @lillianllacer:disqus – you’re a little high and mighty aren’t you. Re-read the post. Cory states that it is purely observational. The bands listed did not play Buffalo. That’s a fact. That’s all the article stated. It is simply a list of bands, that did not play Buffalo. Period. I’m sorry that the rest of us aren’t big time booking agents like you. But the article clearly states, it’s purely observational. Get over your self.

      • Shuckleberry Hound

        “The bands listed did not play Buffalo. That’s a fact. That’s all the article stated. It is simply a list of bands, that did not play Buffalo. Period.”

        The problem being, why would compiling a list of bands who didn’t play in Buffalo justify an article? You can call it “observational” all you want, but not all observations are worthwhile.

      • Shuckleberry Hound

        I’m sorry, but this post absolutely reeks of an inferiority complex (or, perhaps more accurately: a lazy, asinine idea for an article).

        So some of these artists are playing in Toronto. How the hell is it significant that they aren’t also playing in Buffalo? The entire premise of the article hinges on the notion that it’s somehow interesting that there are a bunch of bands on tour that don’t have a gig lined up in Buffalo.

        So what? Not every goddamn band can play in Buffalo. You know what? Sometimes bands play in the northeast and they don’t play in Cleveland, Toronto, or NYC. Is that really newsworthy?

        Why not focus on what is happening in Buffalo rather than what isn’t?

  • Sean Danvers

    I’ve always been surprised Buffalo isn’t a bigger market for bands, what with all the colleges and Canadian proximity and all that – specially in winter. Hopefully the new and reinvented venues will keep the good momentum built by summer fests and events like Canalside going.

  • Shuckleberry Hound

    What on earth is the point of this article?

    Does anyone really give a shit that The Ataris–a band whose only almost-hit song was a 2003 Don Henley cover– are playing in Cleveland and not in Buffalo?

    Are you getting paid actual money to post this?

  • Cory

    What upcoming shows in Buffalo are you guys looking forward to most?

    • jimd54

      I’m going to the mayhem fest but it won’t be at Darien Lake. I stopped going there after they klcked Marilyn Manson out of Ozzfest. They can fuck a rolling donut!

  • ButterflyPotion

    Angels of Light were here but I didn’t know until after the fact because Artvoice distribution in Niagara Falls runs 1-2 weeks behind.

    • Cory

      It was actually Swans, not Angels of Light. But it was a great show, I’m sorry that you didn’t catch an Artvoice in time.

  • Zarley Zalapski

    Look at most any current/up and coming/established artist(s) tour schedule and you will see Buffalo is not on it. What I find surprising is how often Columbus or Cleveland are included on those same tours. Just anecdotal from my perspective.

  • Steely Dan

    The Tea Party is the only real loss…

  • UncleBluck

    I think one of the biggest problems is that we just don’t have any real concert promoters in Buffalo anymore. Back in the 60’s, 70,s and 80’s we had Harvey(Harvey Weinstein/biggest film producer in Hollywood), Corky & Tice & Festival East Productions. Back in those days every band, regardless of who they were played Buffalo. Any week of the year there was 4 to 5 concerts coming to Buffalo and Buffalo was already full swing into its economic regression. difference was we had people who made things happen. Now we have whiners who do nothing and don’t promote……And the biggest venue we have now has become a Genesee County Sheriffs private playground for harassment (ie Darien Lake)…..