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Wheels in the Grass

1957 Buick Special, Niagara Falls, N.Y.

This 1957 Buick Special 2-door sedan was Buick’s lowest price model that year. It’s sitting outside a repair shop/used car lot in Niagara Falls, USA. With a list price of $2,596 it sold 23,180 units, about a third as many as the top-selling Special, the 2-door hardtop, which was also the top-selling car of the whole Buick line. The Special and Century road on a 122-in. wheelbase, while the higher-priced Supers and Roadmasters were stretched out to 127.5 inches. (A new Mini Cooper has a wheelbase of just over 97 inches!) In the early 1960s the Special name would grace the new Buick compact. Buick sales were high in the mid-50s, buoyed by its many different hardtop models. In 1957 things started to go downhill saleswise; many still think Buick should have gotten the axe by GM a couple of years ago rather than Pontiac. But today Buick’s image is morphing from that of “an old guy’s car” to something a bit more exciting, especially with the new Regal.

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— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know