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Marsha Henderson Resigns from UB

Joining former UB president John Barclay Simpson and UB COO Scott Nostaja in jumping ship is UB vice president for external affairs and fellow UB 2020 lobbyist Marsha Henderson. Three months ago we reported that she was bringing in $301,926 from the state plus $134,200 from the UB Foundation for a total salary of $436,126. Apparently, she rode out the state job until midnight on the last day of June.

She will remain on as a consultant, and hang out in the UB Gateway building downtown. The place can use some warm bodies to back up the claim that it’s thriving.

Special thanks to the Answer Lady blog, for the photograph.

  • Jonathan Wellinton-Fidrych III

    All the great ones are leaving our beloved university! Damn Artvoice for killing UB2020! Your attitude has been noted and there will be consquences.

  • Joseph Hollander

    Thank God she’s out of power, it’s 6 years too late! I’d like to know how she was on the search committee for the UB VP job and ended up getting it? Oh yeah her buddy Donald K. Boswell (Mr. WNED) who she’s paying back by selling UB’s Radio Station (WBFO) to, interesting that the UB Brass doesn’t see through it. How about the people she hired or promoted? Graham Stewart (Alumni), Vince Clark (Community Relations), Joseph Brennan (University Communications), Peter Killian (AVP Marketing), Jay Friedman (Alumni), Ryan McPherson (Government Relations), half of these people are gone. The other half should be very soon since they are all incompetent to do their jobs! So long Marsha have fun being irrelevant downtown at the Gateway 😉

  • AL

    Well, if not killing UB2020, at least taking all the fun out of it – SUNY 2020 Ethics legislation

  • moe. Fan

    Saltpeter (potasium nitrate) was a standard issue back in the day for naval personnel who would be sent on lomg and dangerpus voyaages, beacaue it was rumored to be an anaphrodiasic. Evidently, KNO3 does not work in that regard (, but maybe all that matters in the rumor that it works, not whether jer is amy fact to this. A bit Colertian, so to speak –

    Damn, if it does not look like Artvoice is not the proverbial saltpeter on the administration/management of SUNY Buffalo’s somewhat rapturous hawking f the idea/nebulous concept that rebuilding the medical campus downown will produce wealth similar to the way Bethlehem Steel once did around here. Have you no mercy?


  • Bernie Madoff

    AL, I know what you mean! Andy Cuomo is doing great work in killing public sector unions, but what does he have against nepotism, exactly? What’s the point of being on a university foundation board if you can’t help your kid brother or nephew get a leg up?