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Police Blotter: Lisa Yaeger

According to the Buffalo News police blotter, local lawyer Lisa Yaeger has been indicted for filing false tax returns. It’s alleged she didn’t report over $25,000 in income. Yaeger used to work among the many staffers in Senator Antoine Thompson’s office.

Must be hard to keep track of your income when it’s coming from so many different sources. Or maybe she didn’t know it was wrong.


  • Mike Dantonio

    Twaney’s staff only knows how to march in parades. They’re still doing it. Only now it’s called a Police Line-Up.

  • Patrick O’Leary

    Whatever happened in the AEG Scandal? The NYS Inspector General said the down state senators could not have accepted the bribes without Antoine doing the same. Could it have something to do with the new Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, who was also a down state senator?

    Hmmm? I wonder?

  • Lancey Howard

    They better arrest them all now before they escape to Jamaica!

  • Simon Magus

    Antoine’s new book: “How to march while wearing handcuffs”

  • Nancy Polino

    Just wait until they start to look into Antoine’s treasurer, Mark Boyd. He had to be the swarmiest little mini-me in the business

  • Nicole

    Mr. Thompson is not responsible for the unfortunate situation of his former employee. Also didn’t Grisanti file for bankruptcy?

  • Rocco Polino

    Yeager probably cashed some of those giant checks. My neighbor had one but he lost it when he dropped it. It bounced so high nobody could see where it landed.

    Thompson should bail her out with some of that AEG money that he promised to return but never did.

  • Peter A Reese

    What’s the big deal here? Lots of lawyers are committing crimes and/or election fraud.