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Golombek Seeks Arts Donations on City Tax Bills

Below is a resolution submitted yesterday by North District Councilman Joe Golombek, seeking a provision by which city taxpayers can use their tax bills to donate to a dedicated fund, the city’s arts and arts education institutions:

By:  Mr. Golombek

Re: Allow City Residents to Donate to Arts and Cultural Organizations Through a Designation on City Tax and User Fee Bills


Whereas: Erie County recently decided to discontinue funding to most arts and cultural organizations in the City of Buffalo; and


Whereas:            The City of Buffalo has a vibrant arts and cultural community and this Common Council recognizes the importance these groups have on the fabric of our city; and


Whereas:            Providing assistance to the arts and cultural organizations as local governments struggle with balancing their own budgets is a reality facing Western New York; and


Whereas:            Arts and cultural organizations recognize the need to explore other forms of funding.  These institutions realize that they can no longer be reliant on government funding; and


Whereas:            The Common Council has looked into having a section of city tax and user fee bills where individuals can include a donation for arts and cultural organizations, giving citizens the ability to determine whether they wish to donate or not.  Another option explored was to include an area on the City of Buffalo home page where the public can choose to make a donation to arts and cultural organizations in the city if they wish.  These ideas were supported by various city departments;


Now, Therefore be it Resolved:


That the Common Council of the City of Buffalo directs the Corporation Counsel and the Comptroller’s Office to set up the appropriate T&A accounts to facilitate accepting donations from the public to help fund arts and cultural organizations in the City of Buffalo; and


Now, Be It Further Resolved:


That the Common Council directs the Corporation Counsel and Management Information Systems (MIS) to work with the Department of Assessment and Taxation, the Department of Public Works, Parks and Streets and any other department necessary to prepare the appropriate language for donations to be made via the City of Buffalo home page, tax and user fee bills; and that such language be included on the tax and user fee bills that are mailed out for the July 1, 2011 billing cycle; and


Now, Be It Finally Resolved:


That copies of this resolution be sent to the Corporation Counsel, Comptrollers Office, MIS, Assessment and Taxation and Department of Public Works, Parks and Streets.


  • aces

    Is there some reason the city can’t simply recognize the value of our cultural institutions and restore the funding they had in place for decades? What is all this twisting and turning with ideas like funding through fines for running red lights or voluntary check boxes on tax forms. Just fund the arts. You have a surplus in the budget. They are just as valuable as the dozens and dozens of other nonprofit community groups the city funds (unless Brian Davis is pocketing the cash).