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Corwin Chief of Staff Taunts Davis

He won’t be nominated for any cinematography or acting awards, but cameraman Michael Mallia—who also happens to be Chief of Staff for Republican Jane Corwin—is making a splash on YouTube today for his aggressive pursuit of  Tea Party candidate Jack Davis. The brief video shows Mallia repeatedly asking Davis why he backed out of the debate, as Davis is making his way to his car.

Davis then asks, “Do you want punched out?” He then appears to push away the camera, at which point Mallia launches into wounded histrionics. The next instant, he’s back to provoking Davis.

What a show!



  • Peter A Reese

    Corwin must be suffering heiress jitters. They are dusting up a 78 year old man.

  • Rastamick

    You’d think a candidate who’s been making millions in business since she was 8 years old would have more sense or better control over her flunkies than Corwin seems to have over this tool. It sounds like the fake grunts parents hear from the back seats on a car trip,”oooof he’s hitting me, owwww, Daaaad, hey can we stop at McDonald’s?” And now that Corwin is trying to sell the Ryan budget with a straight face explaining how seniors don’t need medicare as much as billionaires need more tax breaks and oil companies need tax payer subsidies, the lose-ability of this supposed slam dunk election is starting to shine through. Hochul should send Ryan a thank you card and Jack should squeeze in a nap. Nice Pittsburghism too “You want beat up? ” Verbs, Jack,Verbs, they really make the language sing.