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Tripathi Presidency Confirmed by SUNY Trustees

Satish Tripathi (on right in the graphic—click here for a link to that accompanying story) was approved to serve as the new president of the State University of New York at Buffalo today by the SUNY Trustees.

According to the Spectrum student newspaper at UB, he will be compensated $737,315—including $385,000 annually from the state, $115,000 annually from the SUNY Research Foundation, and $150,000 from the UB Foundation.

Last week, the Spectrum corroborated information Artvoice published in “The Great UB Heist.” The story had been challenged by a “fact sheet” distributed quietly to legislators and members of the UB community by the UB Office of University Communications. Unfortunately, that sheet is light on facts.

Click here to read SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher’s letter recommending Tripathi for the position with various public and private compensation sources. It was dated today, but had circulated a lot over the weekend.

The $737,315 figure doesn’t include “the use of a campus-owned vehicle during the term of his presidency, moving expenses, refurbishment of the Presidential residence, entertainment expenses, and usual employment benefits (which) are all standard.”

With his new title, Tripathi’s annual compensation from the UB Foundation increases by over $60,000 to $150,000 from $89,364. He still trails several others on the UB Foundation payroll, according to information sent to Artvoice in January by their attorneys, including:

Roseanne Berger, Sr. Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education ($168,445)

Russell Bessette, Associate Vice President for Health Sciences ($175,158)

Michael Cain, Dean of the School of Medicine ($225,000)

David Dunn, Vice President for Health Sciences ($350,000)

Deborah McKinzie, Associate Vice President for Development ($154,579)

M. Scott Morris, Associate Vice President ($168,520)

Scott Nostaja, Sr. VP & Chief Operations Officer ($308,680)

Michael J. Quinn, Chief Financial Officer-UBA ($208,704)

John B. Simpson, former President ($216,779)

That’s over $2 million paid to the top 10 by the UB Foundation alone—not including state salaries and other compensation sources.

  • yeah lets pay this guy over 1/2 a million while losing 80 million in the past 3 years, lets just shift all that burden by raising tuition, hell we can even cut the department courses to just the bare bones,

  • Peter A Reese

    When these people get paid by the State and “private” entities like the UB Foundation to do the same job, who do they report to? Who is their boss and who must they please? How can you get paid twice to do the same job which you are already being handsomely compensated to perform by NYS?