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Pennsylvania Farmers on Fracking

Here’s video from a forum called “Hydrofracking and Agriculture—the Promise & the Reality,” held March 15, 2011 in Penn Yan, New York. The forum was sponsored by the Committee to Preserve the Fingerlakes and the Coalition to Protect New York.

Listen to stories of farmers who’ve lost huge numbers of livestock in Pennsylvania after hydrofracking came on the scene. Accounts of people with benzene, phenol, arsenic, formaldehyde, toluene, and ethylene glycol in their blood, too.

If hydrofracking gets the go ahead here, and things go badly in New York State, we won’t be able to say these good people of Western Pennsylvania didn’t warn us.


  • We in York, PA, are downstream from the fracking of natural gas in the areas just above our county and have started a York Chapter of Gas Truth. To supplement the Gas Truth Chapter in Harrisburg. We showed the movie, Gasland, at York College last week and the audience filled the hall. When F & M College in Lancaster showed the movie 2 weeks ago….approximately 450 people came only to find there were 250 seats available. MANY of us sat in the halls and entrance hall for an hour until we could finally get into the auditorium and then we were standing in the back and sitting on the stairs and all over. The local newspaper did not report an accurate number of attendees and did a poor job of covering the forum of panelists. We are wondering why? The York Daily Record did not cover the event at all…..the movie,an overflowing audience ….because the editor said the next morning when I called…”we can’t cover everything”

  • Barbara Sheffer Rooney

    We, in York County, PA, are in the beginning stages of TRYING to form groups to fight the Marcellus Shale Drilling that is going on in the counties north of us. We had showings of the movie, Gasland by Josh Fox at F & M College in Lancaster to a crowd of approx 450 that could not fit into an auditorium that held 250. The same movie was shown at York College last week and, again, the audience filled the auditorium and more were standing. The newspaper coverage for the first event was inaccurate and lame. The York Daily Record did not cover the one at York College at all……because…”we can’t cover everything”. We see what has happened where horizontal and vertical gas drilling has occurred. It is not good and we want it to stop. Why Gov Corbett lifted the moratorium on permits to drill is very difficult to figure out. All we know is….this moratorium WILL be restored to give us a chance to have appropriate impact studies done BEFORE we drill for the natural gas with which we have been blessed to have sitting under 63% of our state. It appears that it is a mixed blessing. Time is ticking and IF we in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania want to protect our watersheds for the future: of farming, our health, our families and our children…….WE must take action ….much as the early colonists did when they decided that England was interfering with the welfare and freedom of the people and we leaped into DEMOCRACY ……and from 1776 to 2011…we are still a nation …”in progress”. Still in the process of growing citizens who are awake,aware,and involved and who care enough …………….to act and participate in this process.

    This is one of the BEST Tapes I have seen and would like to know HOW we can access the tape or how to contact any of the speakers at this Forum in Penn Yan, N Y?
    Respectfully, Barbara Sheffer Rooney………. in York, PA