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You Can’t Scare McCarthyizm

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Local faves McCarthyizm have updated the Woody Guthrie classic “Union Maid,” as a commentary on current labor events.

(They also have a CD release show coming up next Saturday (3/26) at Nietzsche’s.)

  • Unedited history

    Labor is a commodity. A salary is the purchase of the time when you spend your effort and apply your skill set.

    If you agree, and any logical person should, then one must acknowledge the fact that a union is a monopoly.

    Is it not? A cartel on labor, an all encompassing entity which controls access to a needed product.

    Much like the violent union busting bosses who are rightly portrayed as villains, the unions had no problem employing violence against non-union workers, management, owners, and private property. “Scabs” as they are called, are nothing more than workers who cannot afford to extort the capitalist.

    Of course, a liberal rag like artvoice will have much to say about my position. I think free individuals should be allowed to associate however they want, but unionization is used as an excuse to use violence, influence (lobby) politicians, raise prices for consumers (rich and poor alike), and drive jobs overseas.

  • ENB

    This is a great cover! Cannot wait to hear them play at Neitzsche’s!

  • Lan

    Unedited history,

    I by no means think unions are perfect. However, this:

    “Unionization is used as an excuse to use violence, influence (lobby) politicians, raise prices for consumers (rich and poor alike), and drive jobs overseas.”

    can be said about corporations. In fact, it’s even more accurate. Now that the Supreme Court has lifted restrictions on corporations’ giving to political campaigns, more and more power is given to corporations, and taken FROM the people.

    More importantly, what is going on in Michigan is a blatant power grab by the gov’t. It’s union busting, plain and simple. Walker created a deficit with his tax cuts, then goes after the unions that didn’t support him. When they give in to his concessions, he still goes after them.


  • Kate

    Lan, there are 8 key words in your post that I hope everyone who think this is about budgets takes note of “the unions that didn’t support him.” The police and firefighters got to keep their collective bargaining powers. They supported him, and they’d be the ones to step in should protests turn violent (as he also tried to orchestrate before he was exposed).

    Everyone, please get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, and take your Omega-3: this budget season will push everyone’s critical thinking powers to the limit. Plenty of people are using the budget crises around the country to slash funding for things they simply don’t like or don’t agree with. It’s happened here, to our libraries and our cultural institutions. It happened to the teacher’s union in Wisconsin. It’s going to happen to us all with the cuts to public broadcasting.

    Pay attention. Sacrifice some of your chill-out time to read the PDFs of local, state and federal budgets to examine what is being funded. Write letters to the editor, call opinion lines and contact your representatives if you have questions. Government officials DO pay attention to the letters and opinion line results. Your country needs you. Be informed, be patriotic.