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Steam Donkeys Gig Seen as Economic Engine

Filed under: Announcements, Music

Officials in the local honky tonk community are praising this Saturday’s scheduled performance by the Steam Donkeys as the “silver bullet” that could turn the area’s economic fortunes around.

“For years, we in the legislative branch have tried in vain to reverse decades of decline with massive construction projects paid for with taxpayer money,” said one local animal control officer, on condition of anonymity. “It’s about time we realized that the key to upstate’s revival isn’t tied to healthcare or education, but rather to good live music in gin mills.”

Pointing out the 9:30pm show scheduled for Saturday night (March 19) at the Sportsmen’s Tavern, Steam Donkeys lead singer Buck Quigley calls it “an exciting time for western New York.”

For years, the band has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring about the kind of change that is now at hand.

“I think you’re seeing it now in the fact that the moon will be closer to the earth than it has been in 18 years, on the very night of the gig,” Quigley added. “But aside from this gig’s effect on celestial bodies, it still boils down to job creation.”

“This one show has the potential to create 20,000 good  paying jobs in the cowboy boot and brewing sectors for decades to come,” he added.

When pressed for details, Quigley shifted the focus to bringing more visitors to the area. “For example, former lead guitarist Charlie Quill, who left Buffalo for Manhattan a few years ago, will be returning to play this gig. That doesn’t just happen by accident. It’s the result of everyone in the band—especially the drummer—doing the heavy lifting in and out of venues.”

Researchers also note that communities with a strong honky tonk scene benefit from a shorter—but more meaningful—lifespan, in addition to a much more exciting love life.


  • Longtime Fan

    Will you be playing “An Empty Bottle, a Broken Heart, and 6700 Good-Paying Union Jobs, If You Unfetter the Power of UB Now”?

    And is it true what I hear–that the Steam Donkeys will be featuring L.P. “Long-playing” Ciminelli on the dobro?

    WHO SAYS God didn’t make honkeytonk angels?

  • Peter A Reese

    Andrew Rudnick projects the total economic benefit of this event to exceed that of Nanodynamics, Adelphia, Basspro and Bioinformatics combined! Millions of jobs will be created and the rapture may ensue. Great work Steam Donkeys!!!

  • Tim Leary

    The SteamDonkeys rule . I would love if their Economic engine would stop by my Artshow tonight , at Chemical#2 260 plymouth Ave. 7-9. Thats tonight March 18 !!!!

  • Greg Hannen

    Excellent! Howdy Boys! – Johnny ‘Two Frogs’ Budapest

  • Jan Jezioro

    “…a shorter—but more meaningful—lifespan, in addition to a much more exciting love life.”

    What a totally unexpected benefit of this concert, in these very troubled times. I certainly hope that our much beloved, area career politicians will be out for your gig in full force!

  • Colleen O’Mara

    Flippin’ hilarious! Thanks Buck! See all y’all tonight!