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Remember, You Heard It Here First

Today, the Buffalo News has this to say about the UB Presidential search.

Artvoice told you that two weeks ago.



  • Jake

    to be fair, that wasn’t two weeks ago. it was 12 days. I know it’s hard for art voice writers/editors/bloggers to do math, but please try.

    and that prediction seems pretty twisted and abstruse

  • Jake

    also, prediction and reporting are hardly the same thing. can’t remember the last time artvoice did good, hard reporting.

  • UB Grad who refuses to donate

    Gee, another insider good ole boy from the UB mutual admiration society. No one could have guessed that… wait a minute… that UB 2020 scam just passed the NY State Senate. Simpson’s successor may be… Simpson ! Does he get to double dip?

  • Jim Holstun

    Dear Jake,

    Maybe the old memory needs a little work, then? I hear good things about ginko jojoba. It’s an arts weekly, Jake, not the Washington Post. But despite that, it has managed to do more genuine reporting than the ostensible paper of record for Buffalo. Check out recent “hard” (how hard do you want it?) pieces on UB, hydro-fracking, local politics, BECPLibraries, etc.

    Hey, here’s an idea–maybe YOU could do some hard reporting! I mean, with your mastery of the difference between twelve and fourteen, I think you’d be ideal. Please think it over!

  • Jake

    I have so few nice things to say, so I ought not to say anything at all.

    Nevertheless, I shall say just three things:

    1. This arts weekly posts a daily blog. The blog was posted on Feb 18, 2011. Do the math.

    2. Your responses missed the point – that the speculation or prediction that Tripathi is one of the names in the black box is not the same as reporting it with sources.

    3. When I said hard reporting, I should have also included something to the effect of unbiased reporting. The thing that strikes me to the core is the blatant bias that exists in most stories. There is no sense of balance or moderation. To quote Cromwell “I beseech you in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.”

  • AL

    Perfect – a nationwide/worldwide search coughs up a tired old retread to whore for a tired old retread of a plan (ub2020)

  • chester

    I agree with AL that it is very depressing to see another “national search” lead to an local candidate, but more fundamentally I agree with Jake’s point #3 above.

    As a reader who knows relatively little about UB I find it impossible to believe anything Buck Quigley writes because it so patently biased and, frankly, childish – “Sis boob bah”? Really?

    AV’s articles on Fracking have been very good – interested readers should be sure to see the series of articles on the same topic in the most recent editions of the New York Times – and generally, as with articles written by Geoff Kelly, an impartial statement of the facts.

    I come away from Quigley’s articles on UB scratching my head and feeling certain that there is something deeply personal about his animus for Simpson and the others.

  • Buck Quigley


    I address this to you since you claim to be “a reader who knows relatively little about UB.”

    As a proud grad of the SUNYAB, who’s bothered to look at, and when made necessary, challenge in court the goings on at our state university, I too come away scratching my head. I’ll have much more to say on the subject once those twists and turns play out.

    Reliable rumors of Satish Tripathi assuming the SUNYAB Presidency were widespread before I put up my jovial blog post twelve days ago. (Jake, you got me dead to rights, it was twelve, not fourteen days ago. Twelve days would have only made one week and five days ago, not a full two weeks, as I so casually stated. I stand by your correction.) No personal animus. Simple gossip, no better founded than the official gossip from the Buffalo News today.

    A better question to ask might be: Who is the other candidate? Find that out, and you can enlighten Western New Yorkers on who else might be in line to drive this “economic engine” that will lead us into the 21 Century. After all, we’re a decade into it now.

    Future generations await your studious conclusion.

    In the meantime, look here for a bit more about the ongoing privatization of UB…


  • Jake

    your quip is appreciated.

  • Jim Holstun

    Dear Chester,

    That’s “SIS BOOM BAH,” not “SIS BOOB BAH,” as you wrote it–a Freudian slip? Anyway, when riffing off of Johnny Carson, it’s pretty relevant to try to sound like Johnny Carson, and that sounds like Johnny Carson doing Carnak the magnificent. Capiche?

    And Jake, I always love hearing old Nol Cromwell, slaughterer of Irish civilians invoked in the name of moderation. Try that out in Drogheda sometime! And besides, I can never figure out why moderation is a virtue in a journalist. Should a journalist include a moderate amount of truth, balancing it with a moderate amount of lies? I think journalists should be immoderate in their commitment to telling the truth. “Blatant bias” in favor of what–in favor of relating what has actually happened? And since you don’t seem to be able to come up with any corrections, you are forced to fall back on complaining about tone. Welluh one and a two and a boo hoo hoo!