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Chris Lee: Lookin’ for Love?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s the dish on NY Republican legislator Chris Lee. Yes, it involves a woman other than his wife. And, yes, it involves Craigslist. And, yes, it involves a revealing cell phone self portrait.

Click here to read about it in New York magazine, and click here to read about it on Gawker.

A Lee spokesman is claiming that the congressman is the victim of a hacker.

  • Jake Sechowski

    Hacker? Hmmmm… That doesn’t really fit with the “profound mistakes” story line. I’m wondering when the DBs of the world will stop giving the regular guys a bad name. Keep it in your pants, BUSINESSMAN!

  • Lou Battaglia

    I saw Chris Lee at the Time Warner office in Buffalo on 12/30/10. Figured at the time it was some sort of lobbying meeting, although it was weird that the politician was going to the interest group instead of the other way around. And what Federal politician is actually working in-district on 12/30? But now after all this, I bet he was there trying to get TW to help him clean up his mess. Explains why he was by himself and not with any of his handlers. I wonder if TW refused to help or if there was nothing they could do.

  • Jim Holstun

    It looks like Congressman Lee is going to have more time to spend with his family:!5756377/craigslist-congressman-resigns.

    Is this the sexually cursed WNY Republican seat? His predecessor’s predecessor was Bill Paxon, who decided not to run again after stories surfaced of a gay affair with Brit Hume’s son. His predecessor was Tom Reynolds, who was also sexually cursed, but not in any way involving another person.

  • Jim Holstun

    I’m so sorry–I did Tommy-Boy wrong. He was tainted too, perhaps unfairly, by the House pages scandal. To clean up his image, he held a hilarious press conference surrounded by a bevy of children to protect him from the reporters:

    So it’s a genuine trend: the curse of NY26!

  • jhorn

    “Lee identified himself as a divorced lobbyist”; how….anticipatory.

    J Holstun- what can chris do to top tr and the tykes? a chippendale posse carries him to the press conference podium? suggestions, anyone?

  • Fred

    Here’s my insightful two cents:
    1) I don’t think the private lives of politicians should be an issue unless: a) they take a moral high ground on an issue and use it publicly to try and get press, ex. anti-gay positions and it turns out they are toe tapping at the local bathroom.

    b) They are doing something that is illegal, ex. minors or harassment.

    Other than those issues why do I care, it seems to me this is an issue b/t Mr. Lee and his wife. To think that marital issues will cease to effect people once they are elected is not reasonable and starts to look more like a spectators sport in situations like these.

    Finally, with all of that said, I think there appears to be too much free time down in DC for all of these folks to get into trouble. Cocktail parties and lobbyist trips, etc., but I can’t say Mr. Lee’s activities cut into work hours.

  • Jake Sechowski

    All politicians take the moral high ground by their mere assumption that they have they capacity to make decisions for their constituents. Mr. Lee’s choice was a stupid one. Was it worth resignation? Probably not in the grand scheme. But to be sure, he preserved whatever was left of his reputation by being willing to take the blame up front. He could have just blamed Rahm Emanuel in the locker room with the lead pipe… or rather the camera.

  • Fred

    I am not so sure they all take a moral high ground, but I truly have no time for the do what I say not what I do types, and there are many in politics.

    I am not sure where Lee fell in all of this, I can’t recall him taking positions that would be in line with what I just said. Maybe I am wrong.

  • Lloyd Marshall Jr.

    This guy embarrassed himself, his family, his constituents, and all the Commonwealth of Niagara, with his lack of judgment.

    Let’s get someone who will use that position to honorably represent this part of the Commonwealth, and who will champion our distinctness as opposed to the rest of what is called “New York State.”

    The rest of Canada honors Québec’s distinctness; it’s time we in the Commonwealth, and those we send to represent us, call on New-York-and-Albany to respect ours.