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Domestic Spying on Anti-Frack Activist

Check out the story of Virginia Cody, an anti-fracking activist in Pennsylvania:


  • Peter A Reese

    I think this graphically demonstrates the continuing need to be ever vigilant about homeland security. How many of us knew that small town retired white female Air Force officers would be a seething hotbed for recruiting sleeper cell terrorists? God Bless the wonderful people at Pennsylvania Homeland Security for the wonderful work they do on our behalf! I just think that next time, they shouldn’t mail their reports to the people they are spying on.

  • Peter…you make me laugh. And thanks to this blog for running this video. The more people who know about this kind of government intrusion into our lives the better. Maybe one day we can repeal the USA Patriot Act….that unconstitutional law created in irrational reaction to 9/11 that gives the terrorists just what they wanted….and erosion of our First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly!