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Fracking Protest Today

This afternoon the organizers of Frack Action Buffalo will protest the practice of hydraulic fracturing in drilling for natural gas. They’ll picket the downtown Buffalo offices of national Fuel (409 Main Street) beginning at 4pm.

Governor David Paterson has on his desk a bill passed by both the assembly and the State Senate, which would impose a temporary moratorium on deep well horizontal hydraulic fracturing, pending further environmental review. Activists and homeowners near gas wells have blamed the fracking for contaminating their water supplies.

Meantime, ProPublica has obtained two reports that will be delivered next month to the Delaware River Basin Commission, a federal agency with regulatory oversight in parts of New York and Pennsylvania that comprise the long ribbon of Marcellus Shale that gas companies are eager to exploit, using deep well horizontal fracking. The reports were prepared by Damascus Citizens for Sustainability Inc. and the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, and they enumerate the environmental hazards of fracking and gas exploration.

Here are the reports.


  • KeepItSimple

    > a temporary moratorium

    Not enough. We need a 7-year ban and need to rescind existing leases using eminent domain. This law—where the government can appropriate private property—has been used countless times in the energy industry’s favor . . . time to use it in favor of the environment and victimized landowners. (It was used, incidentally, to take the entire city of Centralia PA as a result of a mine fire burning beneath the borough since 1962. It’s certainly justified to use it to*prevent* ecological disasters.)

  • jhorn

    KEEPITSIMPLE- you’re right, you’re right, you’re right. should be a no-brainer. instead we have to push like sisyphus to get a watered down temporary moratorium finalized by a lame duck governor with nothing to lose by signing it (unless the gas industry is dangling a sinecure i’m unaware of)….

  • Lloyd Marshall Jr.

    Why should we let faraway NYC and Albany determine where and how we access energy here in the Commonwealth of Niagara?

    Why should we let NYC and Albany plunder our energy resources?

    NIX THE BAN!!! Let’s start taking care of OUR OWN energy interests!


  • The Clarence Squire

    The gas does not go away if it’s not extracted now, it will become more valuable. It should only be extracted when there is a safe method that does not exclude Federal clean drinking water standards for the water used in the process, and the companies making all the money be required to return the land used to natural condition.

  • Michael

    Month after month after month we read here about some new idiocy that the government (Erie County Legislature, Buffalo city Hall, etc etc) is doing that is even more absurdly stupid than the previous actions.

    But month after month after month the same solution is proposed from the readers and authors here: “The government should do something about it”

    It seems never to occur to them that THE GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM.

    (Of course since this is Artvoice it is always the evil Republicans fault)
    How can liberals be this stupid? I mean I swear it must be a mental desease.
    “Child-like sentiment applied to adult problems” describes it best.

    Show me ONE SINGLE “SOLUTION” that the government has ever done that has not made any problem worse? I’ll start with one example- “The War On Poverty” after 4 Tillion in spending has gotten us more people on welfare than ever before. Isn’t a war on poverty supposed to END poverty?

    Every governement job takes 2 jobs out of the (evil) private sector. And now they get paid more than private sector too. \

    Unions of government workers lobby the government workers for more money for government workers… does that make sense to ANYONE (except liberals)

    The top EVIL RICH 1% pay 40% of all taxes, and all we ever hear is how to get them to pay more of “their fair share”

    And THEY LIE!!!!!!! Try to get any one of them to admit they are socialist? Just try it. It’s “liberal” or “Progressive” or some other name to hide what they are.