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E.B. Green’s Steakhouse ranked #2 on the list of America’s Top Ten Steakhouses

You can say what you like about Buffalo, but there is no denying that we know good food and good restaurants. This is the eighth year in a row that E. B. Green’s Steakhouse has been selected into America’s Top Ten Club, and their ranking for the 2011 list (#2) is the highest honor E.B. Green’s has earned to date.

“This restaurant feels comfortable…the food was absolutely wonderful. E.B. Green’s is right up there with the big boys. What I love about E. B. Green’s is the fact that it is independently owned, it’s not a cookie-cutter steakhouse…We base our decision on quality, value, service and ambiance, and E.B. Green’s clearly excels in each of these areas.”

-Tom Haran, Senior Editor of America’s Top Ten Club.

E. B. Green’s is located in the heart of downtown Buffalo adjacent to the Hyatt at Two Fountain Plaza. It has been in existence for over a quarter of a century and is known for cuts of steak and seafood in a distinctively grand style. Dining is available seven nights a week from 5-11pm, with piano and vocal performances in the lounge Tuesday through Saturday.

-jill greenberg

  • Jose

    Guess how you get onto the Top 10 list? You pay for it. Seriously, do a little research before reporting what is essentially a paid ad with a thin veneer.

  • jill

    “Top Ten Philosophy

    No one pays to be on our lists. Our lists are based on: Quality, Reputation, Food and Service, Price Value and, most importantly, how one remembers their dining experience.”

    In posting this blog my goal was to promote Buffalo’s thriving restaurant scene. Perhaps your suspicions are founded, yet you do not have any proof of this. I have been to E. B. Green’s and in my experience they certainly deserve this award. As I said, “You can say what you like about Buffalo, but there is no denying that we know good food and good restaurants.” The proof is in the pudding, and at Artvoice we are proud of Buffalo’s independent businesses and accomplishments.

  • Jenn

    I agree with Jose, Tom Haran’s website looks fishy. There is not a lot of information on how restaurants are chosen (other than the quote from their philosophy) and nothing on the actually publication. The site vaguely invites people to become a critic by sending in $20.00 but doesn’t go any further. It is just doesn’t seem like a great resource for information.
    But I also agree with Jill….Buffalo’s food rocks and E.B. Green’s is a staple.

    But: The site lists EB Green’s as #3 (not #2) on their 2010 list. Misprint?

  • Jose

    It takes literal delusion to believe that E.B. Green’s would rank in the top 10 nationally, and would take only a few minutes of Google research or a telephone call to any business that dropped off the list to confirm that it is paid advertising. But believe (and print) what you want. Why should truth matter when a place in Buffalo is being praised for serving steak?

  • jill

    @Jenn: As I wrote, they are listed #2 on the 2011 list, which has not been posted online yet.

    @Jose: Since this research takes “only a few minutes,” I’d love to see some of it, concretely that is. What gives you more creditibility than Tom Haran?

  • Matt

    I love the sentiment, the intent is noble, but the authoritative weight of “Top Ten Steakhouse” lists is usually comparable to the weight one assigns to other filler that appears in the margins of your favorite airline magazine.

    In the pure love of our fair city we knee-jerk to shout out to the world anything originating from outside the city that praises us. Whomever among us hasn’t so erred – cast the first stone!

    Citing that as authority was a regrettable faux pas, but thankfully no (tasty) cows were harmed in the process. No harm, no foul (fowl?)

    As a side note, in my own fairly well-travelled evaulation of steakhouses, I happen to find E.B. Green’s quite fantastic!

  • Jose

    “Wamstad says his longtime public-relations man, Thomas Horan, dreamed up the list and he has been paying Horan an average of $1,000 a month since. ‘What am I going to do? He puts me on the list. Am I going to fire him?” Wamstad asks, then adds, ‘I almost fired him when I went from No. 2 to No. 3.’ Horan signs the list ‘Jack Roach, food editor, The Knife & Fork Club of America Inc.,’ which initially tripped up Fertel’s efforts to ferret out his true identity.”

    You’re welcome. Next time, do the search yourself. It took 3 minutes on Google, assuming you spelled Horan correctly.

  • Jill

    Ah, one article from 1994 discussing the possibility that the list is based on monetary offerings rather than achievement. Certainly a source’s credibility matters. Nevertheless, I stand by my original intention to promote independent businesses in Buffalo. Perhaps if you can find time in your busy schedule of timing your google searches and formulating condescending quips to dine out at one of Buffalo’s many independent fine dining establishments. In my humble opinion Buffalonians could stand to spend more time appreciating our strong suits instead of looking for a way to discredit them.

  • Lancey Howard

    Who is running “America’s Top Ten Club”? Chris Collins? What a scam.