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Buffalo’s enfant terrible, if it has one, would be actor/director/experimental music composer Vincent Gallo, who comes to Soundlab with his band RRIICCEE on Friday (Nov 12). Speaking somewhat obtusely, as those of us who’ve followed his career have come to expect, Gallo once told the Denver Post, “when I say experimental I don’t mean the cliche of experimental music…what I mean is that I’m looking for a musical vocabulary to get us beyond my own vocabulary.” Okay, but if you are looking for any vocabulary at all, don’t go see RRIICCEE because their music features very few vocals, if any, and there are no set lists for any of RRIICCEE’s shows. Nor does the band distribute any recordings or videos, blog, twitter, or otherwise promote their under the underground appearances. It’s difficult for Gallo to come through this town, however, without creating some buzz. Love him or hate him he’s still from Buffalo, about which he has nothing very nice to say. That hasn’t prevented a certain fan base from accumulating, though, whether it follows him out of a kind of confused fascination or genuine respect for his work. That’s pretty much how national reviewers feel about him too. After 1998’s Buffalo ‘66 was released to mixed reviews, 2003’s The Brown Bunny was nearly universally panned, leading to a legendary media spat between the director and Roger Ebert. With a well-documented disdain for anything he considers “mainstream,” Gallo seems much less scornful of musicians, even famous ones, and pledges deep respect for his bandmates in RRIICCEE although they’ve included those who’ve been touched by the mainstream, like Eric Erlandson (formerly of Hole) and Simon and Nikolas Haas (brothers of actor Lukas). But Gallo remains the only “official” member, and those founding musicians won’t be joining him on this tour. Instead he will have multi-instrumentalist and prolific film composer Woody Jackson (Ocean’s 12 & 13, The Devil Wears Prada, American History X) and Nico Turner (of the LA duo VOICEsVOICEs) along with him. But then again, Gallo likes to keep things obscure, so there’s really no telling who will accompany him on Friday, or what they will create.

—katherine 0’day

8pm. Soundlab, 110 Pearl St. (440-5907 / $20.