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Wheels in the Grass

1959 Lincoln Premiere, Great Valley, N.Y.

This HUGE 1959 Lincoln Premiere was seen by the side of the road a while back in Great Valley, N.Y. This was when a full-sized car was really full-sized! The epitome of garish styling, the 131-in wheelbased barge was in its second year of the styling cycle, with one more still to go before the completely opposite, award-winning 1961 Continentals hit the market.

...from the brochure

Somehow Ford managed to push over 7,800 Premieres out the door for 1959, with an additional 7,929 of the lower-priced Capris. Compare that to almost 71,000 equally opulent 1959 Cadillacs, and you can see why Ford needed to totally redo the Lincolns for the ’61 model year, in which they sold over 23,000 cars.

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— Jim Corbran, You Auto Know