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Grisanti Takes the Lead Over Thompson

This morning, the Buffalo News reported that Antoine Thompson had a 258-vote lead over Republican challenger Mark Grisanti, with two election districts yet to report.

Those two election districts were in Grand Island, and Grisanti hammered Thompson there, according to a source close to Grisanti’s campaign, winning by more than 600 votes. It seems to be true: YNN’s Elizabeth Benjamin reports that Grisanti is up by about 350 votes.

Absentee ballots, and probably a recount, still to come

  • Bob

    Antoine Thompson is the poster child for every stereotype that exists about self-interested, self-aggrandizing, self-enriching politicians. That he continues to be re-elected to go to Albany as the most dysfunctional local member of a dysfunctional anachronistic clique is embarrassing and outrageous.

    If he win this time, I’m packing my bags.

  • Kate

    Thomspon is the worst of the worst. I would vote for my cat over him.

  • Rachel

    I agree, Sen. Thompson IS the poster child for every bad stereotype, because Channel 2 and The Buffalo News have spent three years painting him as exactly that. Anyone who has ever lobbied Sen. Thompson knows that he is a smart and hard-working elected official who is also pragmatic. He was named Environmental Advocate of the Year because of the work he’s done to prevent hydro-fracking without further study, and to eliminate BPA from baby bottles. He takes a hard line against bigotry as well, co-sponsoring the marriage equality act and voting for equality. This was not a popular vote with some of his strongest supporters in the faith-based African-American community, but Sen. Thompson did it anyway.
    Is he perfect? Far from it. But I don’t think there’s anyone left in the US who would run for office, willingly undergoing the PUMMELING our blogs and media dish out, who doesn’t have a fair-sized ego, and acts in their own self-interest at least some of the time. I don’t think it’s fair to cast him in the role of “the worst”–don’t vote for him, disagree with his policies, but at least talk about the actual issues, and what he stands for/against. Don’t just buy into the overblown faux scandals Channel 2 runs daily. It’s what your cat would want.

  • Patrick O’Malley

    Wow Rachel I never knew! Now I’ll have to take back everything I ever witnessed. Is that some kind of Jamaican Rum you’re drinking at 1:00 am?

  • Hapklein

    It appears that Thompson’s worse attribute is not being white.
    When you compare the votes for the Governor and all the other offices Paladino did make some inroads on the usual Democratic enclaves of Grand Islan and the City of Tonawanda. But when it gets to Thompson the vote was over 5 to 1 against him.
    For all his other faults and problems it is a shame that he may get turned out of office for being black.
    I can think of no other reason for the incongruent vote unless somebody was stuffing those ballots.

  • Rocco Polino

    I knew Thompson lost for certain when he photo-shopped Grisanti into a wife-beater t-shirt. The anti-defamation league said it made Mark look like he was on the set of the Sopranos but I thought it was more like Godfather I.

  • Patrick O’Malley

    Antoine’s dislike of the Irish was motivated by politics only (I hope). Why he stiffed the little leaguers in the Polish neighborhoods is anyone’s guess? But his attack on the Italians was over the top. I would have bet money there was going to be a response.

    The interesting thing is: Thompson didn’t start off like that. And the people of the district gave him his chance; they voted him in twice. Who the hell was advising him this year? They were the absolute worst ever!

  • Calvin McBride

    Slow down: Antoine Thompson was an equal opportunity bigot. He sold us out in the Masten District plenty of times. While he was our councilman and he new he was Steve Casey’s pick to be senator, he used our city district money to throw a picnic in the Falls. Then, the very first thing he did after getting elected was to move out of the district.

    Most people don’t realize the “VERY FIRST THING” he did after getting elected was to move out of the district! Racist – no, Bigot – yes. The only color he respected was Green.

    Sometimes I can’t say that I blame him. But I do.

  • Kate

    Racism is still alive and well in this country, unfortunately, but it’s not in play every single time anything bad happens to a person of color, and to pretend that it is is an insult to everyone who’s actually suffered from racism. Thompson has shown that a black politician can be just as tone-deaf and corrupt as a white one. I think he lost on his own merits. I don’t think there was any campaign to smear him just because The Man wants a white guy to have that seat. It’s not about party lines, it’s about wanting to get someone better in that seat. I generally vote Democrat, but I would have made an exception in this race had I lived in this district.