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Come Back to Roxy’s, Carl

Carl Paladino wants the media to apologize for misreporting his remarks about homosexuality at an Orthodox synagogue this weekend. Some journalists included in their reports a line that Paladino did not actually deliver:

There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual. That is not how God created us.

According to the Paladino camp, that line was on a printout of suggested remarks that Paladino’s Orthodox hosts provided him; they also handed out copies of that printout to journalists and other attendees. But Paladino struck the line from his remarks.

Instead, he said this:

I oppose the homosexual agenda, whether they call it marriage, civil unions, or domestic partnership. Marriage is between a man and a woman, period. If the legislature passes the bill, I promise to veto it.

Paladino went on to criticize Democrat Andrew Cuomo for marching in a Gay Pride parade with his family.

The media outlets that reported Paladino said something that he did not should issue corrections and  apologies. But it seems unlikely that the LGBT community will take solace in the distinction between what he said and what he did not say. Nor will they be much impressed that Paladino has a gay nephew and gay employees, and that he “never had a problem” with any of them.

Those of us who frequent Allentown’s taverns and nightclubs know that Paladino’s is a big tent, at least when it comes to nightlife. Carl is one of several local power brokers who once regularly frequented Roxy’s, a lesbian bar on Main Street famous for its competitive pool table and its Thursday night striptease. (Other straight male luminaries known to drop in on Thursday nights: former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra and former Buffalo Police Commissioner H. McCarthy Gipson.) Comedian Kristen Becker used to perform at Roxy’s on Thursday evenings, and she recently recalled an encounter with Paladino:

  • So Paladino (not to mention countless other Tea Party and Religious Right candidates) thinks that it’s perfectly fine for law-abiding, taxpaying Gay Americans to help subsidize the 1,138 legal benefits, protections, and responsibilities that are bestowed on married couples, but we cannot be allowed to take part in those same benefits? HOW can he justify this position under the 14th Amendment?

  • I will repeat my comment made on the Buffalo News website.

    Our economy is on the brink of a complete meltdown. The single most important problem facing NYS, and the nation, is government taxes and spending. Paladino is poised much more strongly than Cuomo to address our economic spiral down the toilet. We no longer have the luxury, nor the time, to choose a Governor based on their personal/social beliefs.

  • eres loco

    how is paladino poised to do anything? he’s human pile of shit, he is poised to cut himself a big check from the government and walk. all these teabaggers are the say they say what you want to hear about fiscal responsibility but they are all waiting to help themselves to the public teet and in paladino’s case probably a lot of hookers. Cuomo is actually an a really good choice, oh remember how he strong-armed those AIG guys into giving up their personal bonuses? That guy is actually poised to run a complicated city not Paladino who is poised to play the role of the Situation’s sleazy uncle that would actually makes the cast of Jersey Shore feel embarrassed in public

  • Drew

    Cuomo is part of the problem.
    Paladino is a problem.
    NYS needs another candidate to voice voter discontent with our dysfunctional state government…NOTA (None of the Above). Probably the best 3rd party option for NY.
    Only Nevada has this option, this group: is looking to give this option to more states…
    It is not a write in option but “NOTA” is an actual choice on the ballot…probably the best candidate for NY State and if that were a choice for state senate and assembly just think of the potential cost savings on staff and salaries and travel and per diems? $200-300,000,000?
    How would the NOTAs caucus to gerrymander their new districts when NY loses yet 2 more congressional seats due to the ongoing exodus after the 2010 census?
    Paladino or Cuomo?
    I choose NOTA!

  • Cuomo is actually an a really good choice, oh remember how he strong-armed those AIG guys into giving up their personal bonuses?