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Carl and Caputo vs. NY Post’s Fred Dicker

Via YNN:

  • OutWithAndy

    Caputo has to be one of the bigger thugs I have seen in a long, long time. This whole affair is so embarrassing-Buffalo’s image is taking a huge hit over Carl.

  • Jonathan Wellinton-Fidrych III

    Although I deplore the threats on Fred Dicker’s life, I can understand Carl’s outrage. The nerve of this peasant to ask him a simple question!!

  • Pug Ugly

    Funny that Carl’s hygienic problems are tripping things up. I guess he knows all about hygiene.

  • Matthew Ricchiazzi

    This entirely helps Carl’s campaign. He’s defending his daughter, and any father who has watched this will come to the same conclusion: If he punched the reporter in the face, he’d shoot up 10 pts in the polls.

    Carl “The Baseball” Paladino vs. Andrew “The Status” Cuomo

  • Carl

    No it won’t, Matthew. Because Pally later said “No, I never accused Cuomo of doing the horizontal mambo”. I think Politico would tell him “you’re full of it.”

    This wasn’t done out of the blue. This. Was. Planned.

  • Peter A Reese