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The NYS Senate Race: Opening Act Completed – Time for the Headliner!

If you read Artvoice last week (09/16/10) you learned that Antoine Thompson had garnered 13,487 votes to his opponents’ 10,751 in the democratic primary for state senate.  A plurality of over 2,000 votes. But there was considerably more opposition this year than there was when attorney Mark Grisanti challenged Thompson in the Democratic primary two years ago. Grisanti managed 6,838 votes in 2008, while Thompson pulled in a whopping 18,083. So Thompson attracted 4,500 fewer votes this year, while 4,000 more people went to the polls to vote against him.

Thompson’s poor use of Taxpayer’s money is becoming an issue in the state senate race

Democrats in Niagara Falls came out to beat Thompson 61 percent to 39 percent; in Grand Island it was 80 percent to 20 percent; and in the City of Tonawanda Democrats rejected Thompson by an 84 percent to 16 percent difference. Also of note were the high numbers of voters that came out in these normally slumbering districts.  Thompson also lost 62.5% of the eight districts in the City of Buffalo.  But Thompson was able to win the City of Buffalo by 4,000 votes because of the two districts (out of 11) where he is popular: Masten and Ellicott.

In Artvoice Daily, I weighed in on Antoine Thompson and the then upcoming primary elections: “Thompson has proven himself bad for business, bad for the environment, and bad for the families of Western New York. He believes that regardless of his track record, he will be reelected because you won’t come out to vote. If you don’t vote, he will win. He is counting on the votes of less than 1/1,000th of New York State’s population to support him. He will get approximately five percent (roughly 15,000 people) of the 60th Senate District to vote for him. He won’t get less and he can’t get more.” Thompson received 14,000 votes. “If more than 10 percent vote, he is in danger; 16 percent or more and he is toast.” Less than 10 percent came out to vote. “He is completely vulnerable if you aren’t lazy.”

Grisanti is again challenging Thompson, but it will be different this year—it will be in November’s general election as a Democrat running on the Republican and Conservative lines. Thompson supporters can’t rest easy in this race. Primary Tuesday produced an epidemic of Democrats across the region coming to the polls to try to vote for Carl Paladino in the Republican gubernatorial primary—which of course they could not do—and many of them will come back in November, and they will not be disposed to vote for Thompson. Add in a probable high local turnout for independents and disenfranchised Democrats.

Within 72 hours of the primary, Thompson’s next scandal was reported in the Buffalo News. It was titled: “More Wasted Money!” The article detailed how Thompson funneled $400,000 to a New York City billionaire rather than giving it to the City of Niagara Falls to use for demolition of abandoned buildings. The following day the Buffalo News reported; “Falls fire claims life of 8-year-old boy!” The story was about an eight-year-old boy who died in a fire in Niagara Falls in an abandoned building.

In this week’s Riverside Review, Iggy Provanzano writes,; “Antoine Thompson has become more than a state-wide embarrassment; Antoine Thompson has become hazardous.”

Once again, for your listening pleasure – “Taxman Thompson” by Save Buffalo

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  • I really don’t see the correlation!
    On the one hand, we see attorney Grisanti as a Democrat, the other as a Republican!
    Perhaps what we should be looking at is Grisanti’s true party affiliation in that he is a member of the Bar Party and if elected will be beholding to his Law firm and clients at Grisanti & Grisanti!

    Currently there are 20 attorneys in the Senate, the majority Republicans making the Bar Party the second largest Party in the Senate!I would love to oust Michael Ranzenhoferfrom his cureent position and keep Grisanti, Quinn and Domagalski at bay!

  • Iggy Provanzano

    The correlation has to do with the dynamics of the race. Grassroots, the east side political group will only support Thompson, regardless of the number of damaging decisions he makes. He can endlessly raise taxes and divert benefits from the east side for the benefit of New York City businessmen and they will still vote for him. The African-American demographic in the district is 33.7 %. It is a huge advantage in the democratic primary. Regardless of your ethnic background, if you want to challenge the poster-boy for government dysfunction, you must do it from outside the democratic primary.

  • Patrick O’Malley

    Buffalo is a majority white city in a majority white state in a majority white country. Buffalo has a black mayor, a black governor, a black president and a black state senator. It’s a shame the Masten district won’t ever consider voting for a white or Latino candidate. Byron Brown, David Paterson and Barack Obama have been doing very well managing the absolute disasters they have inherited. Governor Paterson deserved a second term. Antoine Thompson has become an disgrace.

  • Calvin McBride

    When Thompson got permission to run for state senate he took the Masten District’s discretionary money and spent it in Niagara Falls. Within the first week as a state senator he moved out of Masten. Since then he has voted to raise Masten’s taxes to historic highs. We should get rid of him and send “Mr. Smith to Albany!”

  • Brian Murphy

    Demone Smith would definitely have made a better state senator. You might not always agree with him, but he would never betray the families in our district. Twaney is in the way. Heck with Albany C, the 1939 movie was titled Mr. Smith goes to Washington!


    I’ve always believed Antoine Thompson would be someone I could count on and I still do. He has proven my hopes true and sound, and I look forward to what he might do in the future!

  • Lancey Howard

    Its mind boggling how Thompson could get votes on the east side after the things he does. It’s impossible to imagine that some voters woke up on September 14th and thought; “Wow, this is a really smart man who does really good things; I better vote for him!” so it must be something else. 99.999 % percent of New York State sees him as an embarrassment and the other one/thousandth doesn’t? And they all happen to live in the same area? That’s X-File stuff. Did anyone check the voting booths to make sure the number of voters was correct?

  • someone

    I am seeing a disturbing pattern here, in all walks of govt. You have people who pay very little or no taxes starting to drive government, determine elections and throw their weight around. These are people typically with little or no education and no interest in the consequences of dysfunction (other than that they benefit from it usually).

    So everyone is voting for the guy who loves to give handouts (Obama, Thompson, Byron) and chastise the rich. Pretty soon, these is going to be nothing to give them.

  • Consider yourself informed

    Buffalo, NY – Environmental Advocates of New York recognizes NYS Senator Antoine Thompson (D-parts of Erie & Niagara counties) as the Legislator Of The Year. The organization hands out this award annually to the lawmaker who has done the most to advance environmental policy

  • Consider yourself informed

    Buffalo, NY – Environmental Advocates of New York recognizes NYS Senator Antoine Thompson (D-parts of Erie & Niagara counties) as the Legislator Of The Year. The organization hands out this award annually t…o the lawmaker who has done the most to advance environmental policy

  • James Drenning

    Good for you “Consider yourself informed” But one question “Consider yourself informed” : Who are you?