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Job Security at the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library

Check out the survey sent to all BECPL staff today. Ouch! (Click on the image for a larger view.)

  • Tootsie

    Ha! I love it! Finally.

  • Tootsie

    It’s great that under “how would you like to be notified?” there is no option for a “personal one on one meeting.” Lol. Now, that would be just be too considerate a courtesy to extend to one’s employee. Fuck the government.

  • Peter A Reese

    I would prefer to be boiled in oil.

  • Ann Schumacher

    Nothing like a commissioner wanting to help the employees she’s cutting feel good. I wonder what her salary increase is for this year’s budget? Just one of many Collin’s managers inept in the job….I wonder if this is part of his Six Sigma plan to make budget cuts more friendly….what a guy. Always thinking isn’t he?

    Watch this budget carefully…get some budget analyst to do the math….go back and compare to 2007 and you’ll really see where your money’s going….now the strength of the county is in corrections….check out those fat salaries and all the OT…some staff make more in OT than they do in regular pay…it’s a complete cash cow…on the taxpayer’s back! All of it! I thought Collins was watching out for us….

  • Kate

    “Don’t worry guys, we’re just gathering information. Nothing to be paranoid about. Go back to your desks. Oh, and Sandy, make sure you don’t throw out any boxes for the next few weeks, and if you could call the printers and order another couple of boxes of those exit interview forms, I’d appreciate it.”

  • Julia

    Who the hell is running this place?! Seems to me that if you can’t even figure out a tactful way to lay off employees, then you have no business being in charge of a large institution AND PEOPLE’s JOBS.

  • Lisa B

    e. Certified Check
    f. Singing Telegram
    g. Sky Writing
    h. Artvoice
    i. YouTube Video
    j. CNN’s Hologram machine
    k. Voice of God
    l. Armed Guard
    m. Gorilla Gram

  • Michelle

    i opted for carrier pigeon but everyone ignored me.

  • Library User

    E. An actual meeting with the dimwitted library board and administration that got our libraries in this mess by hoping that Mr. Collins MIGHT be nice to them the next time budget cuts came if they agreed to water down the work force and stop hiring full time positions. Librarians need a masters degree for a reason and hiring like a fast food joint just gets you a crappy library. Been upstairs in the main library lately? You’ll see what I mean.

  • This makes one chuckle and cry at the same time. This county executive and his staff have buffaloed the surburban taxpayers to think they are really on their side…commissioner excessive raises have broken civil service rules…the cell phones were cut at first, brought back tenfold, then are talked about being cut again (oops it’s election time)the republican CE has used his “business principles” to promote those that work his phony philosphy…beware, these republicans are brutallly handicapping the “taxpayer” since they’ve been in county hall…watch this guy…this little Hitler (little man’s complex or what?)….he and his entourage are pretty crafty and lie just like politicians cuz they are and are pretty darn good at disguising their work! You think he has your back….watch out….Add to that the fact Susie and Bobo in Lancaster and Depew and Amherst are now paying for the criminals at the holding center, fat salaries…Lots of OT, Docs that make nearly 200,000??(isn’t that the private sector and don’t these guys also work at UB?)….contracts Collins approved with DOUBLE TIME…just check the budget. And while you’re at it,see what these Six Sigma folks make….it’s simply shocking…imagine that salary helped us find out just what the employees who are soon to be cut at the libraries feel about HOW they want to hear the news that their lives have just been destroyed. Come on burbs, we know you aren’t this cruel….what would happen to you if you lost your job?

  • Michelle, you are hilarious.

  • I like the Gorilla Gram ought to work in county hall!

  • I wish the news would let us comment…they are so serious…and after all they don’t want us to say anything agin Chris collins…sure does keep things simple. Who the heck wants to give their name? Only Margaret would think that is cool. Sure must minimize the comments….those republicans sure are good ain’t they? Same with Channel 2…what’s with them? They sure keep things simple for Chris and the chronies at county hall. Just think five years ago, they were a real station for the people. They must have lost a lot of money in donations or advertising cuz now they are just a bunch fo “not holding people accountable”. fake sutff. Go Scott brown…take care of county hall.

  • Paige

    Option E. Post it to my Facebook wall

  • Kate

    LibraryUser, that is my library and I do see what you mean. I also hate the erosion of the library-type environment there. Last year, they were blasting their music in Fables so loud that I couldn’t hear myself think. The 16-year-old girl at the counter gave me a bewildered and bitchy look when I asked her to turn it down, but at least she did it. The gaggles of people that use the library as a hang-out joint, on the other hand, I’m a little afraid to approach. The staff must be too, or must have bigger battles to fight, because they don’t approach them either.

  • Library parent

    If you lay my children’s story time librarian off then I want you to notify be as well as the other parents and tell us why our children aren’t worth educating. I have one child who completely missed story times the last time the library administration let bad politians screw the system up.
    We want notified too – don’t just throw another high school student behind the check out desk hoping were too dumb to notice that something has changed.

  • H.E. Pennypacker

    The Buffalo News reported no libraries would be closed with the cut in funding, BUT most will have hours severely reduced. Any bets on if those particular libraries will be open in a few years? I doubt it. If you want your library, let your legislator know. Otherwise you’ll get handed a survey with your library card asking you “how would you like to be notified that your library will be closed?”

  • B&ECPL Employee

    I work in one of the smaller suburban libraries, and ever since I was hired (when I was in high school, Library parent), I’ve understood that my job is at risk. But this form is just ridiculous. The paper and ink used to print this form and the time used for the meeting could have been put to much better use. If I get one of these surveys, I’ll forward it and all my bills to Mr. Collins via carrier pigeon (or voice of God if the pigeon is too expensive). Also, if anyone from the administration at Central is reading this, PLEASE PUT AN END TO THE FLOATING AUDIOBOOKS. The branch I work at doesn’t have enough shelf space for our own audiobooks, let alone those from the other libraries.

  • bettysays
  • Lisa B

    I started this list, let me finish it:
    e. Certified Check
    f. Singing Telegram
    g. Sky Writing
    h. Artvoice
    i. YouTube Video
    j. CNN’s Hologram machine
    k. Voice of God
    l. Armed Guard
    m. Gorilla Gram

    I just had to finish the alphabet. I probably learned it at my local library, which was shut down during the last cuts…

    n. Donald Trump on National TV saying “You’re Fired”
    o. B&ECPL “Unfriending” You on Facebook
    p. Note pinned to your child
    q. Lights out, doors chained
    r. Read to you in minutes at book of the month club
    s. Tea leaves
    t. Poison pen/ invisible ink
    u. With my welfare/food stamp applications in the packet
    v. Charades …..”Sounds like….’You are out of a job!'”
    w. Hieroglyphics / Morse code / Sign Language
    x. In a dream / or by Dream Sequence
    y. By Oprah! “You lost a job, you lost a job! Everyone here lost a job!”
    z. By Vulcan Mind-meld

    Read more:

  • Mary

    I am glad I live in Monroe County, land of $1 bus fares and a library system that has expanded in the past 5 – 10 years. If Erie County and the NFTA could just look to the East for an example of how to improve a region I would reconsider my current location.

  • notjustsourgrapes

    Hi Buck –

    Thanks for posting this. I currently work for the BECPL as a librarian and this form is the least of it – it’s actually an example of the administrators trying to be nice.

    I can honestly say that the current BECPL administrators and their minions, particularly in the public services area, are the worst I have ever dealt with. If you express an opinion that is outside of decided (often poorly thought out) policy, expect to be brow beaten, falsely accused or some other less direct form of punishment. These actions will, if possible, be executed in a manner that handily circumvents the union or any other formal disciplinary procedure and it is likely that it will effect your job security.

    Lessons learned from my years at BECPL (this may apply to other local agencies as well): 1. Do not express an opinion other than what vague and barely articulated tidbits you may be able to discern from the administrators. (Perhaps they don’t understand their own policies?) 2. The smarter and more innovative you are (unless you know how to keep it to yourself) the more of a threat you are, and the less likely you are to succeed in this institution.

    Doesn’t the library board and administration know that good internal relations are good public relations? I can only hope that I am part of the upcoming cuts; unemployment (benefits) would beat this place any day. And the worst of it is that none of this is good for our city and the folks who actually benefit from the libraries. We are continuing to allow the bar to be set lower and lower here, which I fear has made us one of the national forerunners in the downward spiral.

    Very Disappointed Librarian