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The Hoyt-Golombek Recount

Sam Hoyt’s lead over Golombek is now 167 votes.

There are 408 absentee ballots to be counted. (The Golombek campaign has been using the number 900, but that’s the number that were sent out to absentee voters; fewer than half of those were filled out and returned.) There are about 150 affidavit ballots to be vetted and then, if they’re valid, counted.

Some of those ballots will prove to be invalid, but let’s say they’re all good. To win the race, Golombek would have to take 363 of those votes to Hoyt’s 195—or 65 percent of the vote.

That’s a stretch. The Golombek campaign sent absentee ballots to supporters, but so did the Hoyt campaign. All campaigns do that nowadays.

It is close, however, and Golombek certainly should pursue a recount. On the other hand, I don’t think he should throw around terms like “chicanery and fraud,” as he did at his press conference on Wednesday, unless he can back them up on the spot. To do so without evidence is irresponsible and threatens to damage to his opponent and election officials. And perhaps that was his intention.

Nor do I think that Byron Brown and Darius Pridgen had any business standing with Golombek at his press conference on Wednesday. The mayor’s a politician, of course, and therefore partisan, and how he feels about Hoyt is no secret. But for the sake of the office, he ought to try to appear above the fray. As for Pridgen: The primary had ended fewer than 24 hours earlier, and his vaunted independence seemed to have abandoned him. If Brown and Pridgen wanted to complain about the conduct of the election in general, they ought to have held their own press conference, so as not to be seen as supporting the cause of a single candidate.

But, of course, that was not the point: They were there to help Golombek.

  • Bones

    They should be investigating Brown for fraud, oh wait they are. Brown has made the previous Mayors look like Rhodes scholars. Pridgen has no business being council person. God help our City as these idiots take us to new lows.

  • Topher

    “That’s a stretch. The Golombek campaign sent absentee ballots to supporters, but so did the Hoyt campaign. All campaigns do that nowadays.”

    Is that legal? A campaign can send an absentee ballot to supporters? Then why do I have to fill out a form to request an absentee ballot? How do their campaigns have access to all these absentee ballots to send to people? They can just walk into the Board of Elections and pick up a handful of absentee ballots?

    This sounds real shady to me…

  • UB student

    In all my years voting by absentee ballot, I can’t say it was a campaign that was sending them to me. It’s just not that easy. You have to fill a formal request form for your local Board of Elections. But, who knows? Maybe all this has changed with the new voting system.

  • Brownout

    Shocking Byron is standing on the street bitching. One would think he had a really busy schedule, guess this trumps other pressing issues, again a transparent liar camera moth. Our only hope is the feds are busy digging.maybe Pridgeon could lead us in prayer….