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Wanted: Manager for the Broadway Market

The City of Buffalo is looking for a new manager for the Broadway Market, which is undergoing significant renovation and investment. Or, in any case, they’ve posted a request for qualifications on the city’s website.

Here’s the listing, if you’re interested. It’s been up for less than two weeks, and the application period closes tomorrow.

The short search period suggests that the city may not be serious about recruiting a new manager. And, in fact, the current manager, Tom Kerr, has indicated that he hopes to retain the job. But there are a lot of people working on the Broadway Market’s revival that are unsatisfied with Kerr’s performance in his first year on the job.

So pass the word around. If the city won’t promote the opening, let’s do it for them.

  • RaChaCha

    Meanwhile, just an hour east on the Thruway:

    Excerpt (Sept 2, 2010):
    The Rochester Public Market has been named America’s favorite large farmers market. The contest, sponsored by American Farmland Trust, attracted more than 50,000 online voters from across the country.

    Rochester received more than 5,000 votes, nearly double the total for the second-place finisher in the large-market category, the Davis Farmers Market in Davis, Calif.

    “This is a nice distinction for Rochester and another way to sell our community as a great place to live,” Jim Farr, director of the Public Market, said Wednesday. “We know we’ve got the best market in the country and a huge pool of shoppers every week.”

    Farr said the 105-year-old market attracts upward of 40,000 shoppers on a Saturday during the summer. “I like to say it’s the most diverse place between New York City and Chicago on a Saturday morning.”

  • Amanda

    “But there are a lot of people working on the Broadway Market’s revival that are unsatisfied with Kerr’s performance in his first year on the job.”

    Name one and what they have done for the revival of the market in the past year.

    Amanda Beale
    AmeriCorps Service Member @ The Broadway Market

  • Simone

    The son at Lupus Meats is very nasty. I saw him going off on Tom Kerr cursing him out and Tom Kerr acted just like a gentleman, never raised his voice, never said anything. He acted like a professional and I was very happy to see that. The son acts like a jerk at all times arguing with customers, and gets nasty with anyone. I think Lupus should leave the Broadway Market and get another store in there that knows how to treat its customers.

  • Amanda

    The Broadway Market » Volunteer

  • P. Donovan

    Amanda Beale is right on that it is always easy to be a critic when you are not in charge and think you know it all. What is hard is to work with people, roll up you sleeves, and get your hands dirty.

    Where has the broadway market task force i mean, task farce been for the last year and a half? Marty Biniasz and Eddy Dobosiewicz are the only people left on the task farce. They alienated a large number of people at the broadway market and really don’t know what they are doing.