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Jeremy Jacobs Under Criticism

Yesterday, the Buffalo News ran this piece about Scott Nostaja, who was named interim president of SUNY at Buffalo by UB Council head Jeremy Jacobs last Monday (August 30)—upon the resignation of John Simpson (on the first day of classes for the fall semester). Buffalo’s daily paper joined every other news outlet in town when it reported this important development without asking a single question.

The only problem with that, of course, is that the UB Council doesn’t have the authority to make such a coronation. Artvoice wrote about it the next day. The day after that, the story was picked up by Inside Higher Ed, a national news source for higher education matters. They even had the class to credit Artvoice, which is more than we can say for the News.

The same day Inside Higher Ed published their piece, the editors of the Buffalo News posted this whimpering statement on their Matters of Opinion blog.

While it’s good to see the News hopping on the bandwagon five days late, we’ve been writing about Scott Nostaja well before president Simpson jumped, or was pushed, from the ship.

Now, the level of frustration in the UB community is on the rise, provoked by Nostaja’s lack of qualifications and by what many are beginning to view as a power grab by the business community.

Jacobs is also the multi-billionaire Chairman and CEO of Delaware North Companies, and he owns the National Hockey League Boston Bruins, as well as the TD Garden, where both the Bruins and Boston Celtics play. TD Garden is also a major concert venue. Delaware North sells all the concessions there.

A well-respected businessman, many think Jacobs’s decisions are beyond reproach. But click here to meet someone who doesn’t think so. (NOTE: This is the parental advisory part.)

  • Thanks for the added Web traffic, guys.

  • Buck Quigley

    No problem, George. Figured you needed the help. Thanks for the comment.

  • Jim Holstun

    If I knew how to set up a FaceBook page, I would start one for “Buffalo News Deathwatch!” Really, it can’t disappear too soon. I wish everyone on the staff (including Mr. Pyle) an endless supply of Mr. Jacobs’s airport food. That should do the trick.

    For its last hurrah, the News might try to be a newspaper again, even if only briefly–reporting on what actually happened, rather than the gossipy sludge of “And then he sez, and then she sez. . . .” that it’s been reduced to. Why is it that Mr. Quigley plus email and a telephone can produce a well-written and factual story, while the entire BN needs five more days to create a mess shot through with the misinformation corrected by the earlier Quigley article?

  • Peter A Reese

    The frightening part of this whole sordid affair is that SUNY Buffalo is in the control of a group of yahoos who don’t even know what their role is or the limits of their powers. No wonder they think the purpose of public higher education is to shill for the chamber of commerce (Buffalo-Niagara Partnership)and its half baked economic development schemes. I’ll bet SUNY Buffalo leaders think that the Empire State Development Corporation is supposed to provide our kids with an affordable education. Maybe they should have lunch at the Buffalo Club with Bob Wilmers so he can explain his tenure as the head of the ESDC and the degree programs he initiated. Certainly he accomplished nothing in the realm of economic development.

    When one assesses the quality of local leadership, it is clear that we are all doomed. Wonder if any society in history has ever been afflicted by such bozos.

  • OutofTowner

    Artvoice is just about the only, honest publication, with any semblance of integrity, in Buffalo. I have not expected more from the News for some time.

  • UB Professor

    I have to agree with Perer Reese. The problem with UB is that it is run by a star chamber of local business people (the same ones who have run this region into a ditch while lining their pockets). If UB is ever to be fixed, reform is needed in how the UB Council is selected and in how the UBF board is selected. Those two bodies effectively run UB, hand pick its leadership, and pay their salaries with UBF money.

    I would like to see requirements for these two bodies to have membership from across the community (i.e. rich and poor, black and white, Ph.D. and not, etc…) Currently, they are just ole boys clubs for local business moguls and their lawyers. There should also be seats on the UB Council and UBF that are elected by the public as well as by the faculty at UB. Currently, there in only one sear of this nature on the UB Council, and it is reserved for a student.

  • c

    Interesting story on Jacobs company