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Tonight Nimbus Dance: “It’s Still Gross Negligence”

Tonight nimbus dance reprises one of the most (ahem) engrossing pieces of street theater/video installation/dance/political commentary Allen Street has seen in years: “It’s Still GROSS Negligence” is a sort of sequel to nimbus dance’s terrific June 4 production, GROSS Negligence,” about the environmental catastrophe wrought by British Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico.

Nimbus Dance, "Gross Negligence." Photo courtesy of Jim Bush.

This post-cap recap insists that the damage caused by the oil spill continues to unfold, even as BP staunches the leak, and that the real work lay ahead. The performance features nimbus co-director Beth Elkins and dancers Nancy Hughes and Bonnie Jean Taylor; video installation by Brian Milbrand; a dirge performed by the 12/8 Path Band; environmental education and commentary by Theresa Baker-Pickering and Valerie Wales; performance by Ron Ehmke and Holly Johnson of Real Dream cabaret; and poet Kristi Meal, as ever, movingly enumerating the deaths caused by the greed and indifference of the world’s power elite.

The show and its settings were conceived by nimbus co-director Bard Wales and realized through the collaboration of all involved.

The performance begins tonight (August 6) at 7pm in front of Gallery 164 on Allen Street, just east of Elmwood Avenue. It’s free and is part of Allentown’s First Friday Gallery Walk. Don’t miss it.

The video and oil spill information installation will remain on display every night in August, 9-11pm.