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Buffalo News editor is Waiting for Godot

Filed under: Media, The Buffalo News

In Sunday’s Buffalo News editor Margaret Sullivan took a departure from her usual task of writing about what a fine daily paper she publishes to instead write a book review about Dave Kindred’s cumbersomely titled new book “Morning Miracle: Inside the Washington Post, A Great Newspaper Fights for Its Life.” The book sounds interesting enough, but you can be sure with a title like that Margaret read it eagerly hoping to find some ideas to solve the problem of the steadily sinking ship she captains.
Like a lot of daily paper news junkies I still love the Washington Post and the New York Times. But Sullivan is looking for love in all the wrong places. The Buffalo market and the still sizable, albeit severely shrunken, profits at the Buffalo News offer an opportunity for reinvention not enjoyed by any other newspaper in the country, an opportunity for bold experimentation. Instead of fighting mightily to retain shareholder profits for Warren Buffet’s Bershire Hathaway investors by cutting and cutting to produce the same thing with less money, a sure path to extinction, the Buffalo News should take the opportunity to change before that chance is lost forever. I want the Buffalo News. If people, for whatever reason, think losing the Bills would be a terrible thing (highly debatable), losing the Buffalo News would be a thousand times worse.

  • steve

    the buffalo news is one of the most corrupt taints on our political system in this city. it’s disgusting how they’ve let this city sink into the sludge.

  • stoptheinsanity

    The Buffalo News is no longer relevant as it has lost its journalistic integrity. Margret Sullivan has muzzled the bloggers. Proofreading has gone by the wayside as the young, illiterate, reporters show their ignorance,lack of intelligence and inability to spell correctly. I invite the bloggers from the Snews to come to Artvoice to blog

  • Max

    The BN’s sad state was well noted by the previous commenters; I’d only add that the BN’s new on-line edition reminds me of Gertrude Stein’s quote about Oakland, California: “There’s no there there.”

  • Student Of Law

    On CNN Margaret said the Buffalo News reported past rap sheets of murder victims because they report what is important. Pay attention CNN, CBS, NBC, and O’Reilly…if you simply review last years Margaret approved stories you will find sensational (increased newspaper sale)crime stories that were run for months.

    But regarding some stories, in spite of months of coverage, heavily laden with sensationalism, innuendo and implication, you will NOT find one, yes not one (1), Buffalo News investigation dealing with WHO ACTUALLY CAUSED A CRIME WE READ ABOUT FOR MONTHS.

    It is true we bloggers are easily swept away with the words used in sensational reports, but we are not sheep.

    To read about a crime for months then read absolutely nothing about the crime (OR THE SALIENT ISSUE OF WHO PERPETRATED THE CRIME), well we are from Buffalo but we aren’t dumb.