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Washington D.C. school chief fires 241 teachers

Filed under: News

The Washington Post reported that D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee fired 241 teachers Friday for poor classroom performance. The dismissals are the first under a rigorous new evaluation system launched this year.

  • sickof buffalo

    coming soon to a shitty school district near you! it’s already happening “under the radar” wit “Reconstitution”, what do you think is happening at Lafayette? Watch they’ll give gasbag Morrell the psycho a promotion

  • wny

    just amazing the bufnews didn’t even find this valid to print. tis story is tell tale of the future, especially here under our very own tyrant drunk williams. should teachers be fired? yes. should unions compromise? yes? it’s shocking how uneducated the public is on education issues that are crumbling away before our eyes. remember this country was founded on public education (if anyone has forgotten that tiny fact), now that it’s problematic, and after a republican president finally put thousands of schools in the grave, now we are going with the privatization route doesn’t sound very american to me. Yes, lazy teachers should go, behold the beginning of the next generation of Black Lisitng, wait and see. Williams with his nasty arrogant hateful sidekick evil Falasade Oladele (which is not her birth name, she changed it to be more african, not a slave hand-me down), havebeen busy like little bees to destroy our public institutions here, to close them, re-label them, change the rulers, side step union rule, screw teachers and screw parents. It’s criminal. But, who cares, right? this is Buffalo. who gives a fucking shit? anyone?

  • greg

    hell yeah! finally. michelle rhee sounds like the shit! we need to start bitch slapping Phil Rumore around the city. go back to north carolina, bitch [slap]